Saturday, January 1


We've had a great break in the past couple weeks.

I didn't think to take many pictures, but here are a few.

First off, we said our goodbyes to the sweet sister missionaries who served in our ward.  We've really loved having a change (normally Elder's).

Dan's youngest sister Sharon came to visit for Christmas from BYU.  We had lots of fun with her here.

The kids stayed up watching Yogi Bear re-runs and other movies for New Year's Eve.  Daniel and I watched Avatar.

Sarah's two new loves are:  the piano and her bouncy horse.

Oh, and of course Ginnie was 'Mary' for her preschool program.  When her teachers told her she would be Mary, and then told her who Joseph would be, she thought for a moment-and then with a concerned look, said, "I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend."

It seems like Christmas snuck up really quickly.  But, for me, I think I enjoyed this Christmas and even our family New Year's Party more than any previous years being married.  It's probably that my kids are finally old enough to make it really exciting for us boring adults.

What a wonderful year this has been for our family!
Hopefully this new year will be equally as good.  I am learning more and more who my husband is as each year passes.  And I have to say that he is my biggest treasure.  I cherish him!

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Jansen Family said...

It looks like you had a fun holiday season...happy New Year!! As always, I love looking at your pictures. Also, your other post about teenagers was very insightful...thanks for sharing|


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