Sunday, January 16

Ginnie's First Post

i love you.
you   ur   um  a champein.? mommy r yoo a champen? (typed by Ginnie)

Daddy, are you a champion?
And now, Daddy says, "NO".

"And now, What can I do without anybody?" (typed by Rachael, recited by Ginnie)

Okay now - "What can I do now?"

"I can't believe I have nobody!"

"I just can't stand it."

"Why can't I have anybody to play soccer and to be a champion?"

"What can I do?"

"I think I can call on Angela."

"Oh yes!  That's it!  I can call on Angela...that's what I was hoping to be doing."

And that's the last part.
The end.

by Virginia Ann Wheeler


Janus said...

so cute. I seem to remember a post that Alexis did and it was quite cute and humorous. Tell her she is such a cute little girl and hope that we can spend more time with you guys in the future. Love you guys--


Melissa said...

Love it!

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