Friday, December 10

Ginnie is going to be Mary in her pre-school presentation.  She seems pleased about it.
I caught a part of her conversation on the ride home.  She was talking about a girl in her class who gets in trouble a lot and how she doesn't like that.  I asked her why she gets in trouble and she told me she's really loud.  Ginnie then said in a very calm, unassuming way "Fortunately, I don't get in trouble.  Actually...I never get in trouble.  Well, ONE time I got in trouble.  But I'm doing much better!"

Her name describes her perfectly, and I think she'll make a beautiful Mary with her long hair that she's very proud of (encouraged by Daddy of course).  Speaking of her hair, several weeks ago, I was wanting to thin her hair because it was getting so thick, I was having a hard time doing some of the new hairstyles I like to experiment with -  and the weather was hot and humid.  She dramatically exclaimed "No!  Don't cut my hair.  Daddy won't like it if you cut my hair.  You're not touching it."  And away she ran.  I followed her and told her it wouldn't look any different, but it would be less heavy and hot when I was done.  She reluctantly sat down trusting that what I said was true.
When I was finished, she went to look in the mirror-and came skipping out with a huge smile on her face.  "It looks the same, Mommy!"  Then she merrily went off to play.

I've recently heard Hyrum using the word seriously.  It's quite entertaining listening to their 'grown up' conversations, and for the most part the big words they use are in context.

I feel so blessed to have these children.  Hopefully I can continue to teach and love them in the best way possible.  Could I imagine entrusting them to another's care?  No way!  Already, I loose out on six hours with my son five days a week.  There's no one in this world that can love them like I can.  Motherhood is such a blessing!  And I treasure every moment with them.


Jansen Family said...

Kaia's attached to her hair too...but she IS going to let me get it trimmed. I haven't decided if I dare do it myself or not yet!


Nathan Wheeler said...

Thats so exciting that Ginnie is going to be Mary, how fun. Her hair has gotten so long! I just loved when she had it in that A-line bob, so cute! I think that was my favorite. I will never understand boys and their infatuation for long hair...


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