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I often dream about what my little daughters and son will be like when they hit the "terrible t's".

  Virginia is four going on sixteen.  She looks (depending on what she wears and how her hair is done), talks (any words that make her feel grown up are freely expressed) and acts (little miss attitude) like a teenager.  Today she was putting on lip gloss and asking how it looked each time she applied a new coat.
  She also found a new little mole on her arm and was ecstatic. 
"Does this mean I'm almost a teenager?!"

   At my house growing up, adolescence was not something to look forward to. And unfortunately for me, it was ushered in by a difficult move, living in a trailer for several months with five younger siblings and one older while helping my Mother to build a fourty-two square foot home during every waking moment(and every not so waking moment). Not to mention the horror of meeting my monthly friend ~ which included, but was not limited to: excruciati…
Ginnie is going to be Mary in her pre-school presentation.  She seems pleased about it.
I caught a part of her conversation on the ride home.  She was talking about a girl in her class who gets in trouble a lot and how she doesn't like that.  I asked her why she gets in trouble and she told me she's really loud.  Ginnie then said in a very calm, unassuming way "Fortunately, I don't get in trouble.  Actually...I never get in trouble.  Well, ONE time I got in trouble.  But I'm doing much better!"

Her name describes her perfectly, and I think she'll make a beautiful Mary with her long hair that she's very proud of (encouraged by Daddy of course).  Speaking of her hair, several weeks ago, I was wanting to thin her hair because it was getting so thick, I was having a hard time doing some of the new hairstyles I like to experiment with -  and the weather was hot and humid.  She dramatically exclaimed "No!  Don't cut my hair.  Daddy won't like it …

Growing Right Up!

In four months, Angela will be three.

In two months Ginnie will be five