Monday, November 29

My Beautiful Sarah Diane

Sarah has discovered what she likes and does not like.
Here are some things she enjoys:
-taking baths
-playing with little balls and big trucks
-looking at story books
-crawling all over the house
-pulling herself up and cruising along
-studying everything thoroughly with her hands and mouth
-eating everything in sight
-drumming with her hands to music
-seeing Daddy come in the door after work
-giving kisses, pulling hair and biting
-studying her hands
-teasing sisters and brother-making them laugh
-thinking deeply about everything
-being held by Daddy (he is so good at getting her to sleep)
Here are some things she does not enjoy:
-having to sleep in her own crib
-being strapped into her car seat
-not being able to find mommy
-feeling left out

She is a happy, calm baby and I'm so grateful for her presence in our home!


Jessica said...

SO cute, they grow up way too quickly!!

L C M said...

Cute kids.

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