Monday, November 29

Ginnie's first Crush

   About a month ago, the girls and I (Hyrum was in school) went to my friend Adrianne's for a little play date.
   Usually, Hyrum plays with Will her oldest, while Ginnie joins in quietly.  This time, Ginnie had Will all to herself.  She was in heaven.  
When we were all finished, on the car ride home Ginnie let me know that she really LOVES Will, and that she never wants to be away from him.  She went on and on about him...some intense feelings for a four year old.

Angela and Eli are best buds as well.  They are so much fun to watch play together because of their similarities in personality.  Anyway, I'm so happy these wonderful boys are getting a sister of their very own in a few months.


Jansen Family said...

This is so cute! Four-year old crushes are totally first crush was the same age--I was in love with my cousin! Good memories!


Mike and Adrianne said...

Aww, so cute! My boys love your kids too. That really was a fun day and the boys were so glad you were over.

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