Sunday, October 3


At our house, it's all about hair...
My biggest hobby and talent since getting married has been hair - cutting, trimming, high lighting, perming, doing fancy do's, etc.
I LOVE hair.  It's my art, my passion, my outlet.

Recently, my friend let me experiment on her hair.  Up until now, I've only worked on family members before (brothers, son, husband, daughters).  So, I considered my friend brave in letting me try something new on her.

She had hair past her shoulders, and a left over perm.
I straightened it (permanently), cut an A-line (shoulder length in back), and gave her some thick side bangs.  I think she looks beautiful!
When I cut my hair this last time, I looked up online to find new techniques and tried a few to give it an extra modern look.  I'm not into extreme, but it was fun to learn new things.

With my girls, I'm constantly looking online for new ideas, and then create to my heart's content.
I know how to do: elastic braids, the slide up braid, twists, ribbon fake french braids, pull-through's, all different shapes for parts, knots (yes, in the hair they look like little rosettes), weaves etc.
It's loads of fun and even just learning a few of these can seriously expand skills-the possibilities are limitless!

During conference today, I made a bunch of hair things.  There are some ribbon rosettes in the middles of flowers-I had fun experimenting with ribbons, rather than just with flowers this time.

YAY for having THREE girls to keep developing my hair skills with as they grow!!!

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Five Wahlquist's said...

those are really pretty! Good job!

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