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Victim vs. Accountability

Simple truths are going out the window fast.
Comfortable lies, finding a place in the hearts of many.  Satan is at large - and we, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints cannot just stand by and be quiet.

Today my own cousin accused Elder Boyde K. Packer - who made a point in conference that we believe that homo-sexuality is wrong (referring to sexual acts and not the innate tendency toward same gender attraction) - of having blood on his hands because of the recent stream of gay teen suicides.  I simply stood up for this man of God, whom I greatly respect and love, and told him that someone cannot be held accountable for someone else's actions just because he may have offended them.  To me, this was so completely and utterly out there to place the blame on one individual - that individual being an apostle of God who I know LOVES every one of God's children and desires for their happiness- for so many deaths.

I asked for it.  His friends were absolutely beside…


At our house, it's all about hair...
My biggest hobby and talent since getting married has been hair - cutting, trimming, high lighting, perming, doing fancy do's, etc.
I LOVE hair.  It's my art, my passion, my outlet.

Recently, my friend let me experiment on her hair.  Up until now, I've only worked on family members before (brothers, son, husband, daughters).  So, I considered my friend brave in letting me try something new on her.

She had hair past her shoulders, and a left over perm.
I straightened it (permanently), cut an A-line (shoulder length in back), and gave her some thick side bangs.  I think she looks beautiful!
When I cut my hair this last time, I looked up online to find new techniques and tried a few to give it an extra modern look.  I'm not into extreme, but it was fun to learn new things.

With my girls, I'm constantly looking online for new ideas, and then create to my heart's content.
I know how to do: elastic braids, the slide up braid, …