Wednesday, September 8


My little girl is not so little any more.  Ginnie was beyond excited to start school today!!  She's now four and a half.  She loves to read, play with and entertain her little sisters, do workbooks, play ball, sing and dance, and especially just to have fun (in nearly every prayer she prays to have fun).  Whenever I start to get stressed or impatient, she tells me she loves me and gives me lots of hugs and kisses.  I couldn't be more blessed-she is a wonderful, fun-loving daughter!

Wow, my kids are starting to grow up!  Totally happy and excited about this.  They get to try out their wings in a big world~learn new things, meet new people, and have lots of fun!  It's like reliving my childhood, which I absolutely LOVED.  I'm so blessed to have the children I do.


Cynthia said...

yay for preschool!

Our Family Happenings said...

Wow, your kids are getting so big! Man they really do grow up fast! Loved looking at your blog and seeing your cute little family!

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