Tuesday, September 28

Hello World

It's been a while.
I'm tired.
I'm sick.
It's raining.
But, I am loving this fall weather, and look forward to all the holidays!
The kids are growing right up.  Sarah's starting to scoot everywhere, mostly backwards and around in circles.  She devours anything I give her or that she can find.  Happy, content baby, and when Ang and her sit side by side, they are so close to the same size.  She is nearly twenty lbs. at six moths.  Her and Angela share most of their clothes, same diaper size.
Ginnie loves pre-school, and tells me all about her teacher's stories, and Bible stories she learns there.  She really loves  her teacher.  She is Sarah's favorite play mate.  Sarah just lights up when she sees Ginnie coming.
Hyrum is great at math and spelling. He gets great scores on his work.  He's not as passionate about reading on his own though.  The other day, he took out the trash with a big grin on his face without being asked.  He changed Sarah's diaper today like a pro. My boy is growing up.
Angela talks like a three-year-old now.  Despite her late start in really taking off, she is so cute to listen to.  I heard her say "Oh my gosh" the other day.  She often goes off to get things for people and says, "I'll be back, o-tay?"  Brought me breakfast in bed (her soggy left-over raisin bran), and then got me a drink of water.  She's so sweet and attentive.

I am so blessed to have these children.

Daniel is having a hard time.  He feels he is drowning in life.  I'm doing my best to be a loving support for him.  I'm more in love than ever before.

I am doing okay.  Trying to enjoy each day as it comes.

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Jessica said...

I'm sorry that you have been sick, I hope that you feel better quickly. Its no fun when mom is sick! You kids are adorable and growing so quickly. Get Well Soon!!

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