Wednesday, July 28

Feast - Famine

I have to apologize to anyone who actually reads my blog on occasion.  Anyone who knows me well understands that I'm definitely a feast or famine type...meaning that certain areas of my life that get ample attention at certain times, are greatly neglected at others.  So just to let you know, I've posted three times in the past week.  Keep scrolling down.

Life is going.

My limitations are still intact.

We're all growing over here in more than one way.

My husband is enjoying his research and is still amazing in so many ways.

I am loving learning and doing new hair do's on my girls, taking the kids swimming and to the library often, and not worrying about my house more than is absolutely necessary.

Hyrum is getting a little tired of being surrounded by girls day and night. And so takes to his obsession with Mario (playing, watching, building, day-dreaming).  He is in desperate need of some male bonding time.

Ginnie loves being a big sister and practices reading on her own every day - she's got to be on at least a first grade level.

Angela is still Angela - drama, energy and always a good time -she is my biggest source of entertainment (as she has been since the moment she was born onto the hospital bed. I should have known she'd make some sort of grand entrance)

Sarah is over 16 lbs at four months, in size three diapers (same as Ang), and is really anxious to get moving....she's pure joy to have around and everyone loves her.

We've got another year here in OH and then on to NM for yet another adventure...I've realized that life doesn't ever slow down.  The older you are, the quicker time flies.  Enjoy every moment!


Jeff and Sarah said...

That's funny about Sarah. My boy, Landon, is 9 months and weighs only 17 pounds. He wears a size 3 diaper as well. Five months older than Sarah, and both are the same size. Crazy, crazy!

AZSMITHS said...

When you get to NM, you'll be closer to us! :)

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