Sunday, June 13

New Talent

It's such a fun journey watching your own children develop talents.  I have been impressed with a few talents and gifts that Hyrum came with.  He has an amazing sense of direction and memory.  At fourteen months old, we were driving down a main highway in LA-and he pointed down the road in passing and said "Choch, choch" - for church.  He remembered which street our church was on, out of dozens that we passed...and we had only been about three times.  He is an artist in many ways - his cartoon characters are eye candy to me, he has a knack for making food and seasoning it, and can figure out how things work and fix them readily (engineer).  He's a natural dancer (I LOVE to watch him move to music-it's a talent I've always wished I had).  And just the other day, he wanted to take pictures by himself.  I  think he may be better than I am at it.  Here are the ones he took. 

All I can say is, if he keeps revealing hidden talents at this rate, I'm going to have a VERY hard time figuring out what to help him pursue.  Meanwhile, I'll continue to allow him to explore. 

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