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Misconceptions about depression

There are people out there who think that depression is when one cries all the time and can't do anything, or  just wants to sleep all the time.
Well, honestly, depression manifests itself in many different ways for different people.
I'd like to enlighten those who have not experienced it for themselves, and possibly those who have and still are who may not realize it.
Depression is when the brain's neurotransmitters aren't working correctly, and messages and signals in the brain are weak.  It makes even the simplest tasks so much harder.  It affects your moods and feelings.  Some symptoms that I notice in myself are:
a deep sadness, overwhelmed, full of anxiety and fear about certain things, really irritable, tired and achy, angry, self-hatred, anti-social tendencies, pressure headache almost constantly, high levels of stress that affect motivation for most things.
By the end of most days, I feel so heavy under pressure that I need some sort of relief or escape (and t…

Big Break

I have not blogged in a while.
Was having some extreme post-partum depression and am now on the lowest dose of Zoloft for it.  It has helped immensely with just being able to enjoy daily life, and not feeling so out of control with my emotions and temper.  My hardest times are usually during storms, and PMS which is common for many people.  But now life is enjoyable, and doable.

I love my family!

Dan is working same long hours and often doesn't get home till nine or ten, working most Saturdays.
The kids don't see him much, but I can hold down the fort alright now that I have my medication.

Thought I was bi-polar, but it looks like I just have a cycle of normal, depressed.  And the depression is by far worst after I have babies.  I just can't handle my load without doing something about it, and wished I would have done something after my third because that was also an impossible load for me.  I was miserable, really struggling and going crazy often enough.

It's better t…