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Fun Day

I woke up, had the kids do chores, made and ate breakfast then took Hyrum to school.  After dropping him off I took the girls out to lunch.  There was a  little activity sheet with crayons that Ginnie got to work on right away.  There were planets with the letters scrambled.  Ginnie didn't ask how to do it, but began sounding out by herself.  I looked at it, and she had written earth 'RTH' and Mars 'MRS'.

She didn't know the other names of the other planets so I told her, and she did her best to sound them out.
Then she did a dot-to-dot that was one to a hundred.  She was so determined to get it done, but the food came and she quickly switched her focus because she was hungry.  She got to thirty something (with plenty of help, nonetheless I was fascinated by how focused and serious she was about doing it).

I'm afraid that preschool will be boring for her in the fall, especially at the rate she is learning everything from Hyrum.  He's taught her the days…

Glasses and Spring Caroling

Hyrum is near sighted and Ginnie is far sighted.  We went and picked up Ginnie's glasses today-and I have to say, they fit her personality so well-I think she's adorable in them.  And as for Ang - she's defintely the cool one of the bunch.

Also, we had a surprise visit by a bunch of teenagers (some from our ward) who came caroling with cookies.  Maybe to get us prepared for the snow that's supposed to be heading our way!  Either that or a late April fool's joke.