Friday, April 9

Fun Day

I woke up, had the kids do chores, made and ate breakfast then took Hyrum to school.  After dropping him off I took the girls out to lunch.  There was a  little activity sheet with crayons that Ginnie got to work on right away.  There were planets with the letters scrambled.  Ginnie didn't ask how to do it, but began sounding out by herself.  I looked at it, and she had written earth 'RTH' and Mars 'MRS'.

She didn't know the other names of the other planets so I told her, and she did her best to sound them out.
Then she did a dot-to-dot that was one to a hundred.  She was so determined to get it done, but the food came and she quickly switched her focus because she was hungry.  She got to thirty something (with plenty of help, nonetheless I was fascinated by how focused and serious she was about doing it).

I'm afraid that preschool will be boring for her in the fall, especially at the rate she is learning everything from Hyrum.  He's taught her the days of the week song, and the months song.  He teaches her most things he learns, and she soaks it right up and loves to read stories to Angela.  Not sure what to do with her right now, but I'd better figure out a plan.  Maybe I should just not sign her up for preschool and let her go to kindergarten with kids her age and if she needs more challenging work, I guess we could request it.  She is a brain like her Daddy and seems  to excel so quickly with no help from me.

After lunch, we picked up Hyrum, went to Walmart then went to the Library, picked up the babysitters for our double date which we had a blast on, by the way.  It's just been a fun day.  I love being a Mommy, and I especially love it when I can get a break from my many responsibilities and just have fun.  Can't remember the last time I've really had fun and not had to worry about taking care of everyone's needs constantly, so this date was long past due.

I have to say that Sarah is a very sweet and mellow baby overall.  I've had to cut a few things out of my diet, and am still trying to figure it all out - but she is such a blessing!  She actually sleeps a good chunk of the night from seven or eight until at least two in the morning-and has slept till four when going to sleep at ten.  She also seems to only take one big nap during the day at the same time as Angela naps.  What a blessing!  It's still hard to get anything done though...and the times where I could do something, I feel like I should  be sleeping because I'm so exhausted.  It's only been three weeks since I had her, so I think I'm still needing a bit of rest.  Four kids is exhausting.  But I'm loving it most of the time, just not when I'm too exhausted to think straight or to deal with anything.

Friday, April 2

Glasses and Spring Caroling

Hyrum is near sighted and Ginnie is far sighted.  We went and picked up Ginnie's glasses today-and I have to say, they fit her personality so well-I think she's adorable in them.  And as for Ang - she's defintely the cool one of the bunch.

 Also, we had a surprise visit by a bunch of teenagers (some from our ward) who came caroling with cookies.  Maybe to get us prepared for the snow that's supposed to be heading our way!  Either that or a late April fool's joke.

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