Monday, March 15

Pregnant Forever

  This is my attempt at an online support group.  Looking at my pregnancy ticker, I find it amusing that it says, "only -3 days to go".  Well, that number that was on a slow decline for all those months, is now growing each day, and it is a little depressing.
  My Mom leaves Saturday for home, and although I'm glad this isn't my first, I was hoping she'd get to see my new baby before she left.  But at least she's had plenty of time with her other grandchildren.
  Grandma has fixed up everything in our house and out while here.  Anything that was broken or neglected is in great shape now.  She's a regular handy man-and a very talented Grandma.  She's knitted hats for Ang and Sarah and little white booties, while keeping up on her BYU studies as a senior, and still had plenty of time to clean, make meals, and play a whole lot with my kids.

  As of the past week - my baseboard gaps are now all sealed, my toilet doesn't wobble anymore and both toilet paper dispensers are sturdy on the wall.  My license plate is drilled in at the bottom (first time since we got new license plates), my front license plate (that a guy backed into in the dark one night) is now bent straight-so looks like new.  The wooden slabs that were coming out along the corners of some walls are now calked back in place,  the entertainment center board that was warped is now drilled straight into place, and cupboard closes like it should and attaches.
  Looking at all the things she's made around my house in the past is impressive as well.  She wove the bassinet in my room, she's made countless doll blankets, a couple little pillows, dresses and head pieces, vases, painted pictures of my kids, and taken beautiful photos.

  Her talents and skills multiply by the dozens it seems.  I am grateful for the lightened load I've felt since she's been here and will miss her very much when she's gone.

  Dan is trying to get his Prospectus done during this week while she's here so he can really be here for my recovery to take care of the house and kids and not have to worry about whether he's on schedule with his PhD program.

  I'm in denial.  For the past couple weeks, I've been mindful of every detail to prepare myself for labor-my house has been in order-laundry and dishes and everything else kept up on, I've tried getting myself and the kids ready and eating good things, and getting good rest each day so that just in case it's the day, I'd be prepared.

  I've just hit the point where I don't care anymore and feel a need to join a support group because I feel I'll be pregnant forever.  Just going on with my life as if everything's normal and there isn't a baby coming any day.  And pretty much ignoring any and all contractions I feel (which are minimal).

  Ang just started coughing yesterday morning suddenly and hasn't felt well.  I thought it was perfect timing for Sarah to come while my kids were well.  Unfortunately, it was only a three week window and now it's passed and we're starting with the same old coughs and colds.

  I feel like a regular Eeyore but am still more than grateful for my Mom's help and support at this time.  It's been a party at our house with her here!


Jessica said...

I just love your mom too. She can definitely fix anything. You whole family is great like that. I am happy that she was there to help, and I know it feels forever to you, but I swear you just announced you were expecting. I hope everything goes well with delivery. Keep me posted! I can't wait to see pictures of you new little one!

Christina G said...

There are lots that will join your support group! Every one of my friends (3-4) are late this year by at least 3 or more days. She'll come :) I'm excited to see pictures when she does!

Mike and Adrianne said...

I hope today is the day and that your mom gets to see her new grandbaby before she goes home.

Cynthia said...

I hope that your new little one comes soon! How great to have your mom come and take care of so many things- Sign me up for that!

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