Big Brother

  I always wished I had an older brother.
Tonight, before scripture study, Hyrum asked if he could hold baby Sarah.  He informed me after family prayer that he wasn't finished holding her because he loves her too much.  By the time stories had been read, teeth brushed, pajama's put on, and the girls settled for the night - I walked into my bedroom to find him dozing...
Let's just say, I'm grateful my son came first - and that he now has three little sisters to look out for.


Sassy Lewis said…
This is SO adorable. I always wished my older brother hadn't died and that he could have lived with us. I would have loved a relationship with him this side of the veil!!
L C M said…
What an absolutely perfectly precious picture. I too wanted a big brother. Sigh. I wanted to give my family an older brother. Sigh. Too cute.
I love the picture! It's perfect! Your girls will be so lucky to have Hyrum as a big brother! So happy for you and beautiful baby Sarah!! There's nothing like the special feeling that a new baby brings into the home! Enjoy!
Too cute! I loved having loving big brothers, they will LOVE it!

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