Beautiful Baby

Although I had been scheduled to be induced Friday morning at six am, I was pleased to find myself progressing in labor starting at nine-thirty pm Thursday night, and my first bag of waters broke in my bath tub at about two-thirty am.  After that, I went shopping at Kroger with my Mom for about a half hour to walk around then headed to the hospital. We ended up arriving at the hospital at about three-thirty am.  By the time six came around, I was dilated to a six.   And at eight-thirty, I was to an eight.  The mid-wife broke my second bag of water (which was like a flood, more than I've ever seen) and within a half hour, I got on all fours and pushed with three of the most painful contractions I've ever felt at which point, Sarah literally dropped under me and the mid-wife caught her with her strong hands.  It was a very large and healthy looking cord that had a knot in it which the mid-wife carefully untied.  I then delivered the placenta which was also huge and healthy looking.  Much better than I remember Angela's...Sarah has already lost nearly one lb in two days but has been gulping my colostrum like it's milk every chance she gets.  I'm now starting to get my milk in.
The labor was almost identical to Angela's with plenty of breaks in between contractions, and just an overall slow progression so it wasn't too much to handle.
She's here!  She gulps air constantly when she's hungry which intrigued all the nurses.  Maybe that comes with being a week late...she came out starving and nursed for at least fifteen minutes on each side then had three poopy diapers in the seven hours I went without nursing her.
Sarah Diane was born at 9:06 am on Friday, March 19th.  She weighed 8 lbs 9 oz, and was 21 and 1/2 inches long.  She barely fits the newborn pajamas we brought to take her home in and can't quite stretch to her fullest in them.
Definitely one of our kids, she probably reminds me most of Hyrum in build and in certain features on her face.  But depending on which picture you look at, she could look like a twin to Ginnie, Angela or Hyrum as newborns.  She has whitish blonde hair and a calm nature.
We're so happy she made it and I loved my mid-wife who happened to be on duty when I delivered.
My Mom labored with me all night long and Dan missed the birth by about two minutes.


Amberly said…
Congratulations! You have a beautiful family. The new one is adorable!
So after crossing our fingers that she wouldn't come while Dan was on his trip, he still missed her birth? Thats too bad. Glad you had your mom there though. Overall sounded like everything went well, and we are glad you are home recovering and enjoying your new addition to the family. We love you guys!
cardwellclan said…
Congratulations Rachael! She is a beautiful little baby and I'm so happy for you and the family. I hope everything goes well the next few weeks with sleep and everything! I love you.
Nicole said…
congratulations Rachael! I am so jealous how "easy" your laboring has been for the last two... you deserve it! I'm glad that everything went well and both you and baby are good! She is a cutie. We will have to make a visit before we move and meet the baby
Jami and James said…
Congratulations! I haven't met any of your children, but she looks just as adorable. I hope you're sleeping and the kids are adjusting well.
Jessica said…
I am so happy that she is here, and that all went well. I am glad that your mom was able to be with you! Congratulations!
pdwheeler said…
Congratulations! We have been thinking of you and wondering how you were doing. We are glad all is well
Kelsey said…
Congrats on your new baby girl! She is adorable. Hope things continue to go smoothly for you and the other kiddos are good for you (that's my fear;).
B. Perky said…
I've always thought your children had old souls but this one looks ancient to me.

Beautiful girl.
She is so cute! Congratulations! And I LOVE her name!!! ;) Too bad she wasn't two days earlier to be just like me! :) Love ya!
Sassy Lewis said…
Congrats. We are so excited for you!! I just had surgery, but will get something in the mail soon. I promise!!

Cynthia said…
Congrats! I'm glad that she's here ok!
Michelle said…
She is darling. Too bad your husband missed it, but it sounds like the labor was ideal. Enjoy her, they are so sweet and precious!
Jansen Family said…
Wow...congratulations! You have a beautiful family! Where are you guys right now?
--Carla (

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