My Hero

  Sadly, it's a rare event that those who go about quietly doing their duty get much of any recognition in this world.  But, truly heroes surround us every day.
I'd like to honor one such hero.  This man has served his country active duty for over ten years, loves God and his family enough to truly live each day for them.
    I wanted to express gratitude for my husband - for all that he is, all that he does, and for what a wonderful blessing he has been to me especially.  He has been a source of healing, strengthening, and kindness in our marriage.  He is my treasure.  Thank you my sweetheart for being the man that you are, and for being willing to go through this life with me - to learn and struggle, and feel joy with me.  I am more blessed than I've ever deserved to have you and to have our children.  I couldn't imagine a better father for our children, nor a better husband for me.  How far we've come.  How much we've been through together.  How deep my love and appreciation is for you and all you bring to my life each day.

So, in case I don't show or say it enough, here's an extra
I LOVE YOU my wonderful, handsome and simply amazing husband, best friend, and forever love!



I love the picture of them all reading together! That's priceless! I also love your family picture! Have a good day!

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