Saturday, January 16

Batter and Oatmeal

The kids have been helping me bake a lot lately.  As a result, they've been confident enough now, twice to make their own batter and dough.
The first time was the day before yesterday when I gave them a small list of ingredients each to get out.  I walked in not ten minutes later, and apparently, they became a little anxious to get cooking once they reached their third ingredient, eggs.
  They had their seperate bowls with several eggs and some oil in each.
I ended up just adding a bunch of other ingredients to that and made a delicious chocolate (high in protein and cholesterol) cake with a whipped center and mint icing on top.

  Today, I wondered why on earth everything was so quiet - and walked toward the kitchen... to a strong smell of vinegar, a closed and locked bathroom door, and little voices saying things like, "Oh no, it's Mommy, quick..."
I walked in to this...they had emptied an entire bag of flour, the rest of my apple cider vinegar, the rest of one container of olive oil, some hand soap from the bathroom, and a few pieces of random things that I mostly didn't recognize (maybe peppermint candy, a penny, other chunks)...

  I told them to clean it up, and that they'd be given two extra chores every day for the next week to pay me back for all the ingredients they waisted.  They had loads of fun...
Hyrum decided it's better to use their toys as imaginary ingredients, and I reminded him that in the spring, he'll be able to go out and play with mud and leaves and whatever else he wants to make his own "batter" - but that the next time he felt an urge to bake or cook, to please just ask permission, and I'd help.

Hyrum has always had a knack for cooking and baking.  Whenever I let him season things, or make things basically on his own with little help from me, they turn out delicious, very tasty.
On another note, OATMEAL is a huge staple at our house lately.  We have it nearly every morning for breakfast...I get the whole grain kind, a little less processed.  I love salting it plenty, adding honey and a little cinnamon.

My kids have always loved it, especially Angela.  She'd eat it for every meal if she could.  We even have it for dinner sometimes, along with my fruit shakes and smoothies that I add whatever I need to.  Sometimes Olive Leaf, sometimes vitamins A and D - since these are both excellent in boosting immune defenses against winter-common illnesses.

Sort of funny, a few days back, Hyrum wanted dry oats in a baggie.  He recently discovered that he LOVES to eat them that way for snacks.  The girls also wanted to try it after I'd served them warm oatmeal.  After tasting it, neither of them would touch their cooked oatmeal anymore.  Apparently, all my kids have a taste for oats in any form.


Nathan Wheeler said...

Awesome post! I totally used to do that sort of stuff- but I hid mine under my bed- he he he :) ps I really like your checkerboard floor, it made me smile! Glad your kids are being kids and keeping you busy!

Steph Wheeler

Cynthia said...

Little scientists in the making!

cardwellclan said...

Funny kids, they like to experiment! That's good.

L C M said...

Wow, Rach that is a mess. They are beautiful children though, hard to be mad. When is your next little one due?? What is your address? Talk to you soon.

Ryan Sarah Hatch said...

Wow!!! Isn't it fun to raise curious children?!?!?! :) Luv ya!

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