Saturday, January 30

Daddy's Girl?

Angela has been glued to my hip since birth and partial to me.  Within the past month, she has become really attached to Daddy, and switches depending on who she feels will give her what she wants or needs at the moment.
  She is very loud in expressing herself.  When she hears the garage door, she yells "Daddy!!"over and over again, like she can't contain her excitement.  She's equally as loud when expressing disappointment - she got right in my face today because she did NOT want to be put on our bed for scriptures-stood up and was eye level with me, pointed her finger right at my face - and with furrowed brows, opened her mouth, and yelled at me louder than I've ever heard before, jabbering with a fuming red face.  I took one look at my petite little princess, and love filled my heart - I hugged her gently and picked her up, rubbing her back and saying "It's okay, honey.  I love you" (in between giggles-and she HATES it when I laugh at her, so I did my best to hide it).
  She makes me laugh more than anyone in our intense little personality to say the least, and I can't help but smile every time she feels a need to let us all know what she's thinking and feeling.  I know, ADORABLE now, we'll be pulling our hair out later, I'm sure.  She brings a lot more excitement than we've ever had to our family.  I have a feeling that she'll be the one wanting to go on all sorts of adventures, and will push us home-bodies outside of our little cacoon quite often.  We're grateful for our little Angela, for all the entertainment and sweetness she brings to our home.  She's equally as loving, and quick to stand up for anyone she loves.  So much fun to have around.
Tonight, when Dan was getting ready to head out the door for work after just returning home with me from our date, Angela just broke down at the dinner table, and wailed like it was the end of her world,  "Daaaaaddyyyyy".  She had no desire to let him go yet again.  Each time he has returned from work this week, she has only seen him a few minutes during scriptures and prayers (usually climbing all over him, acting like a cat, licking his face, covering his mouth or nose and laughing - anything to get his attention and to get some play time with her favorite pal) - then having to go straight to bed.  It just hasn't been enough, so tonight, she let him know how she was longing for him.  Very dramatic.  Wish I got it on tape.

Anyhow, I'm grateful for this transition.  She's getting to the point now where I'll hear her call for Daddy several times throughout the day.  I think this will help at least a little when little Sarah takes over much of my time and attention - and lap nonetheless.  I think my greatest joy comes in watching my husband with our little daughter's.  He's a wonderful Father for girls and boys alike, Hyrum adores him as well.  But somehow, I just can't contain my joy and gratitude when seeing him interact with my girls.  It seems to be healing in a way, as I was never close to either my bio-dad or my step-dad growing up.

Something else that has recently emerged, is that Ginnie acts like a baby for the first time ever.  She came grown up, and so independent.  I had a little conversation with her last night, asking why she wanted to act like a baby.  She said she loved being a baby, and was happy as a baby.  I asked her if it was hard being the big sister, and helping so much.  She said, "Ya".  I told her Grandma would be here in a few weeks to play with her, Hyrum and Angela.  "Do you like Grandma?"  She replied, almost crying, "Ya. Gwandma is one of my favowite people."  She often says she misses Grandma and Grandpa.  So I'm sure she'll be happy when Grandma comes.  I also reminded her that her birthday is in a few weeks, and we'll have to get a princess cake and invite some friends.  That cheered her right up.

    When Ginnie does act like a baby, Angela takes over the nurturing, Mommy role and takes good care of her.  It's quite entertaining to watch.  Their personalities compliment each other well; Ang, my little fire cracker/adventure girl, and Ginnie, my silly/independent-minded/mellow girl. They have become best friends, and I find myself wondering yet again, how another child will fit into the tight knit paradigm my other children have formed.  They don't really exclude each other from playing and love having each other around for the most part.  It's the dynamics of each individual relationship that I LOVE watching and studying.  What a miracle that out of billions and trillions of our Father in Heaven's children, not a one is exactly alike...which makes for incredible capacity for uniqueness in different children in the same  family.  I'm just in awe.  Don't have a clue what little Sarah will bring, but thrilled to find out what she's like, and how she'll fit into our chaos.  We're truly blessed!


Cynthia said...

Good luck with the upcoming changes!

Liz said...

Hi Rachael!

I didn't know you were expecting again! How awesome!!! I hope it goes well - maybe I should check your blog more often!

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