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Daddy's Girl?

Angela has been glued to my hip since birth and partial to me.  Within the past month, she has become really attached to Daddy, and switches depending on who she feels will give her what she wants or needs at the moment.
  She is very loud in expressing herself.  When she hears the garage door, she yells "Daddy!!"over and over again, like she can't contain her excitement.  She's equally as loud when expressing disappointment - she got right in my face today because she did NOT want to be put on our bed for scriptures-stood up and was eye level with me, pointed her finger right at my face - and with furrowed brows, opened her mouth, and yelled at me louder than I've ever heard before, jabbering with a fuming red face.  I took one look at my petite little princess, and love filled my heart - I hugged her gently and picked her up, rubbing her back and saying "It's okay, honey.  I love you" (in between giggles-and she HATES it when I laugh at her, so I…


I'm feeling pretty huge at thirty-four weeks...still six weeks to go.  

Batter and Oatmeal

The kids have been helping me bake a lot lately.  As a result, they've been confident enough now, twice to make their own batter and dough.
The first time was the day before yesterday when I gave them a small list of ingredients each to get out.  I walked in not ten minutes later, and apparently, they became a little anxious to get cooking once they reached their third ingredient, eggs.
  They had their seperate bowls with several eggs and some oil in each.
I ended up just adding a bunch of other ingredients to that and made a delicious chocolate (high in protein and cholesterol) cake with a whipped center and mint icing on top.

  Today, I wondered why on earth everything was so quiet - and walked toward the kitchen... to a strong smell of vinegar, a closed and locked bathroom door, and little voices saying things like, "Oh no, it's Mommy, quick..."
I walked in to this...they had emptied an entire bag of flour, the rest of my apple cider vinegar, the rest of one contai…