Thursday, December 31

Virginia ("little maiden")

I think the meaning of Ginnie's name really describes her well.
Last night, it was a drink of water she needed at three am.  Maybe she was a little scared to go all the way to the other side of the house to get one, because usually she has no problem getting it herself if need be.  She sort of came grown up in that sense.  After she got my attention, she politely asked, "Can you please get me a drink of ice water, Mommy?"  She is not one to ask for much ever, so naturally, I jump at the opportunity to do things for her, even in the middle of the night.
After drinking a little she simply said "thanks", then carefully placed the cup on her desk in her closet - slid the closet door shut and climbed into bed without another word.
  Tonight, around the same time in the wee hours of the morning, I awoke to find her standing next to my bed saying my name quietly, patiently, repetitively.  When I finally answered, I heard "Mommy, I need help.  My sleeve is inside out." She had used the bathroom and was trying to get her footie pajama's back on.  I helped her by turning it inside-right.  She did the rest herself and said "goodnight." -turned out the light in the hall on her way back to her room, covered herself and went right to sleep.

I am grateful for Ginnie's calm and independent ways.  I feel that her guardian angel(s) are often guiding and blessing her.  Even as a baby, she had little need of me.  She seems to have always known who she is and why she's here - and steadily trusts that she will be taken care of.
  A couple weeks ago, she woke up from a bad dream, made little mention of it, and climbed in bed with me.  I had not been sleeping very deeply, and was a little achy as pregnancy goes.  As I began falling asleep after several minutes of lying there, I realized that Ginnie was rubbing and scratching my back - which was so incredibly soothing.  I thought my little three-and-a-half year old would have fallen asleep by then.  I zoned in and out from there, and don't know how long she did that for, but it seemed like I woke up at least a few times and still felt her comforting little hand.  She seems to be learning from the best of them.  She is my little angel in training.
I believe we all have angels around us - I think she listens to them very well. She must be greatly loved and watched out for because that beautiful, calming influence is ever present with her.
Heaven is closer than we know.
  I've watched her communicate with her little sister, who doesn't talk much, and be able to very quickly figure out what she needs at any time.  She has a mother heart and finds her joy in constant service.
 As a result of how well Ginnie takes care of Angela, upon hearing Ginnie sad or in distress, Angela will yell at the top of her lungs at whoever she thinks is causing her sister distress, and even get physical to protect her (quite a sight because of Ang's petiteness and age).  She then attentively goes over to Ginnie and rubs her back, hugs and kisses her for a while, or gets right in her face and acts silly until she sees that Ginnie is happy one can cheer Ginnie up like Angela.
The Lord knows exactly what to give us so we can handle life, and be blessed with what we are in need of at specific times.
I feel greatly privileged to witness these small individuals in their first years of life.
What a miracle children are.  They have so much to offer and teach to us all if we take the time to listen.


B. Perky said...

You have such a sweet family. They learn from your gentle nature as well.

Stephanie Wheeler said...

Ginny is so sweet! I love that she was rubbing your back, that is so tender and sweet! you truly have taught your children by leading a wonderful example.

brandy said...

What a sweet post for a sweet little girl! Little children really do have so much to teach us. I'm amazed at what my small children teach me everyday!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!!

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