Wednesday, December 16


 Marriage is refining, like no other fire I've ever felt
Pulling, tugging at one's innermost selfish qualms.
Slowly teaching tolerance, patience and love
The kind that endures through every kind of tempest.

At first, heightened emotions - thrill, excitement, dreaming.
Once that fades, reality and a different sort of high.
Part of life, part of growing as a new unit, the things
that make up strong families -
Anger, regret, impatience, cold disharmony sneak their
way in without invitation; quickly, readily.
Faith and determination, hard core commitment
pulls one through...hope that somehow, things
can change for the better, even while drowning in a
brief moment of despair.
One learns the true meaning of forgiveness, humility,
kindness, compassion.

Marriage in the real world takes great depth of character to
stick it out; coping, letting doubts and hurt depart becomes
the way to survival.  Refreshes, awakens, and eventually
triumphs over all that would drag us down as individuals.
Unity, harmony - merging as one.  Selflessness.
 Something that is so worth it, that most of it's
participator's eventually give up.

This is a very rough draft of a poem I just thought up.

I look at myself even just a year ago, and quickly see exactly how much I've grown into a stronger, more capable human being.  Capable of loving, and having compassion on a level I certainly had not reached before.  Because of this clarity, I know my trials are far from in vain.  I am becoming the woman I've always dreamed of becoming - and my man miraculously stands by me through it all.
Marriage is a blessing - it's seeming road blocks; my stepping stairs to Heaven.

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cardwellclan said...

Lovely poem. There is no other journey that teaches you more about unselfishness and love, I think.

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