Thursday, December 10


Hyrum has been reading the first set of books from hooked on phonics.  He is loving that he can sound out words and read stories.  Well, today, Ginnie asked if she could read too.  So, I let her.  She's just as quick if not more quick at reading than Hyrum is.  I haven't been working with her on workbooks or anything lately, and she sure seems to be starving for intellectual stimuli.  She catches onto things so quickly, it's unbelievable.  I'm excited to watch both of them discover the joy of reading.  Since they were babies, I've read every day to them.  I look forward to new Library books equally as much if not more than they do.

Angela is sort of turning back into a baby.  She's been extra clingy, and is having major withdrawals from her "ba" which I let her have once a day for her whole milk until now.  She now has discovered binkies which she has NEVER used or had an interest in before.  She's the type that will attach herself to someone or something very quickly and not give that person or thing up easily.  So, although our binkies were for play with their dolls before, we're going to have to hide them from now on.  I think she has a feeling she's going to be moved out of her place in the near future.  I'd like to do what I can with potty training.  I haven't done much with her, obviously.  Just let her go when she asks, but I need to not be lazy about it anymore - and let her explore her independence.  Hopefully she won't completely revert back when the new baby comes.

It's so much fun watching kids go to new phases and learn new things.  They're growing right up!
Ginnie will be old enough for preschool next year.  But I may just start her in Kindergarten depending on how I feel when the time comes.  She's always been really big, mature and smart for her age.  So I don't think she'd have a problem blending in.  Have to play it by ear though.  Meanwhile, I think I'm just as excited as she is about her being able to read on her own.


Stephanie Wheeler said...

That is so awesome that Hyrum and Ginnie are learning how to read! How exciting! I can't believe they are old enough to be going to school, oh how they grow!

Melissa said...

Avery isn't even potty trained yet, and she was three in August! That's great if Angela even wants to go at all. And you are pretty much supermom.

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