Christmas Dresses

Lots of pictures, I know.  But obviously I'm a little excited about my digital camera.  I can finally take pictures again!

Here are the girls playing in their Christmas dresses.  They have been sick the last couple weeks so have not worn them except to go visit Santa, and Angela wasn't feeling good so was clingy enough that she screamed when we tried to put her near him...even on a rocking horse.  That didn't work.  So here is our only documentation of two new dresses that may not get much of any use.


Cynthia said…
Such fun dresses! They can wear them thru the winter, I would say. I love Christmas dresses!
The girls look adorable! I love that you can post pics now-keep them coming! :)

Hoping you all are recovering from being sick! Sending our love-
Nay said…
You're girls look so cute!! I know what you mean about not getting much use!
Cute, Cute!! Lots of pictures are the best! Especially since we don't get to see you often! :) Besides, they capture the moment way better than words!

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