Friday, December 25

Christmas Day

It's been a fun day overall.  I didn't get many pictures, and am not really good at photography.  But, I did get a new digital camera for Christmas, so here is a peek of what we've been up to today.
The Boy and His Blob is our new family Wii game.  A boy explores using his blob who can change into many different tools.  His quest is to find treasure boxes, then the magic door leading to next levels.  Each new world comes with new or different tools.  He has his bouncy ball, his heavy ball, ladder, hole, anchor, trampoline and many other useful items to choose from.  It's really a great game for critical thinking.  My son and husband have pretty much been glued the entire day, and it's almost as fun watching.

Another favorite gift was a Moon Sand set from cousins.  Not my favorite to clean up, but loads of fun to  feel the texture and mold things out of.

And of course, dollies are always a favorite around here
This is a small view of the girl's room.  The white chest is what I painted and did.  I'll post more pictures later.

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