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For you Mom

I had a great conversation with my Mother over the phone tonight.  I love tapping into her insight from experience in marriage.  She says my posts are too long, so this one is shorter just for you, Mom.
We both came to the conclusion that when it comes to marriage, we can't hold on to resentment. It destroys relationships like nothing else really quickly.

 So although it can be extremely hard at times, life is more simple and joyful when we can just let go completely of the past, and forgive fully. We are all so imperfect.  We all make mistakes and have regrets. We must forgive as we'd like to be forgiven.

     I love my eternal sweetheart and know he does his best to fulfill his responsibilities each day.  He is a great man, and if I choose to, I can find great joy in looking at him from a larger perspective than the here and now of weakness and strength combined.
When I choose to, his weaknesses and faults can grow until I think I married a monster.   It's about choices.  W…

Family Photo Shoot



I just had a bit of an epiphany about myself.  I think I've allowed fear to rule too much in my life.  And I think that's why I've been able to go through some of the hardest experiences I've ever gone through in the past three years.  I have such a desire to have great faith.
Was reading Joseph Smith's vision, and was able to pin point the difference between him and me.  I allow things to stop me, and cripple me when there's a fear and have failed to work past it in a few areas in my life.  Fear of not being understood, appreciated, fear of being rejected, fear of the unknown.  I'm sure some of you can relate.  These are pretty normal human tendencies. It's what we choose to do with them that makes the difference in the degree of our power over them, like any weakness.

 I have not been really fulfilling my responsibilities to the best of my ability in certain areas because I have lost all desire and motivation - rooted out of fear.  I would have never …

Our Date

Last night, Hyrum and I stayed up for an hour or more, just talking.  He talked about his frustrations, those things that make him happy, and what he wants more of.  He wants to go on a date with me once a week, and for Daddy to help him more with his homework.  He is loving Kindergarten, and does really well, but expects perfection.  He said he missed some yesterday.
So, tonight, I took him to his friend's Birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese's.  We got a picture together but for some reason, it is not letting me upload it after scanning it in; it doesn't look very clear anyway.  So here is his Kindergarten picture instead. It was lots of fun, and I'm thankful to have him as my son.

My Little Sweeties

These are the days I treasure.  All they say and do will soon only be sweet memories.  I love you my children!