Thursday, October 29

My Birthday

Was more this entire week than one day!  On Sunday, I received a boquet of flowers which is looking beautiful even now.  On Monday, it was a regular day other than getting all dressed up and going to the mall with my girls (their favorite past time lately), and getting myself a new maternity shirt at Motherhood.  When my husband finally got home from work at seven-thirty, he brought a cake and a card and gift card, and some chocolates.  We had a late family night and got the kids (those who had not already fallen asleep) to bed after cake and ice cream.

Next day, I went shopping with my gift card for mostly Halloween Candy and some groceries.  I did get myself a five dollar maternity shirt with it.  And the following day, my package I had ordered for myself from Sheer Cover came.  I LOVE their product.  Thirty bucks for three nice brushes, mascara, a color palette of lip glosses, eye liner and highlighter (small, sample size), a nice makeup bag to hold it all in, a couple mineral powder's and concealer plus a little travel purse with a duo concealer and powder holder, and mini powder brush (really short handle) for traveling.  Also, in it came face wash and lotion.  Their product line is wonderful, and if you were to go to the mall for mineral powder, you'd receive one container of mineral powder for the same price as all that I just described.  Here's me with the make up on more than half way through the day.  Anyway, also as of every Wednesday, I played volleyball with our ward.  We have so much fun with sports in our ward.  No one takes it seriously, and we're all constantly doing things that make everyone laugh.  So, we get our exercise in running around like maniacs, and in laughing so hard.  It happens every time.  We just have a great ward!
And I can't forget to mention the Birthday cards and money I received from my parents and Dan's parents.  Thank you very much!

Today has just been fun.  I've done the girl's hair, and Ginnie dressed up in her fairy outfit, and I've been keeping up on house work quite well.  Oh, one area that is not going so well is that because I bought the candy four days early, I've been eating miniature candy bars pretty much since the day before yesterday and I think I finally reached my limit point.  That's after an entire bag of miniature snicker's is gone, and some butterfingers, kit-kats and other things.
Looking forward to Halloween.  Before I started this binge, at my last check-up, I'd gained six lbs in four weeks. Ha, at this rate, I'm going to be an elephant by the time Sarah comes.  But, I'm pretty active in general and have a good metabolism.  So, eventually, I'll get back, or at least close.  This past time, I held onto three pounds without ever loosing them, which is fine.  I mean, this is my fourth child.  So I'm not complaining.
Tonight, my friend (yes, I actually have some friends whom I neglect to let into my life much of the time) Nicole is really sweet and is taking me to dinner for my Birthday, after which we will go drop off some goodies to our VT ladies.

I LOVE this time of year.  Ohio is so beautiiful.  The reds and yellow's here are incredible compared to anywhere I've been.  The most vibrant colors.  Maybe someday in the near future, I'll get a camera so I can start taking pictures again.  Until then, just imagine how beautiful Ohio is this time of year.


Nay said...

Glad you had a great birthday! You deserve it!

Nathan Wheeler said...

Glad you had a great birthday! I know how you feel about the halloween candy, I've been stuffing my face too :) and we weren't even home for trick or treaters! When I start to get on myself, I remind myself what my dr's told me... "during pregnancy thin is not in". I'm so jealous that you have all the wonderful fall colors of Ohio, I look at Nathan's mission pictures and Ohio is beautiful in the fall! yay for the holidays! Much Love-

Steph Wheeler

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