Saturday, October 3


Ginnie is really quite the little story teller lately. She was reading to herself in the friend (an LDS children's magazine with stories and activities geared toward increasing faith in gospel principles). I wasn't paying much attention to her, but for a moment, I decided to listen in. This is what I heard:
"They began laughing and laughing...they were laughing so hard, their eyes began to tremble."
I started laughing and told her my eyes were trembling - asked "Did their tears start gushing out?"
She replied,
"Ya, they started gushing up and down - up and down..."

I asked her to tell me a story from the beginning. So she said their was a boy who was swinging, (there was a picture with a boy swinging and a few friends standing near by) and they put pots on their heads, then they threw the pots into the oven.
"Was there anything in those pots?"
"No, they forgot what they were making and swish, swish peanut butter splatted all over the floor."
She went on and on...and I'm easily entertained so I kept laughing till I was crying (plus, I'm pregnant). Silly Ginnie.

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L C M said...

Very cute. I love it when CC makes up stories. She must be a bright child.

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