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The Many Faces of Ginnie Ann

I wish Ginnie was herself everywhere. Out in public, generally she is a quiet observer. But at home, she has quite the personality.
These pictures tell a little about what she's like every day, especially since we took her back off of milk. She's back to her happy go lucky self and sillier than ever. We love our Ginnie Ann.

My Testimony

I have been having a dialogue with my biological father recently. He has belonged to a polygamist break-off of the LDS Church for twenty-five years or so until recently when he was ex-communicated. But I believe he is in his heart still very much a believer and a part of them. Over and over again, he has encouraged me to not trust those who lead our Church. And that our entire Church is under condemnation and we need to repent. Interesting to note, that in all the emails he has sent, he has not once mentioned the importance of Jesus Christ in his own life, only spoken in condemnation of other people and groups and their need to repent.
So here it is, my last email to him:
"By their fruits, ye shall know them."
Those men, meaning the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, are true witnesses and disciples of Jesus Christ. Through their testimony's and lives, I recognize them as such.
If your knowledge is so great, He will hold you to that knowledge…
I'm in nesting mode already! It seems to happen sooner and sooner with each child. With Angela, I started four months before she was due and kept things spotless and organized. It's taken me up until now to get a handle on things since she was born! Looks like I'm going for six months this time.
Since Hyrum now has a double bed in his small room, there isn't much room for a crib in case it's a boy. So I guess it's either our room or the girls. I'm attempting to switch Angela over to a toddler bed, but still have the crib up for when I need a break. She got out of her bed twice, and after warning her, I put her in the crib for a nap today. We'll try again tonight.
Meanwhile, we're getting pretty excited to find out the gender this coming Friday. I really think and hope it's a boy since I'm about to ship off ALL my girl's clothes up to a year to my sister and sister-in-law. I need the simplicity of a boy next. Girls are wonderful,…