Tuesday, August 4

Playing at Grandma's

My little sister, Kemarie sharing her new bundle of joy with her big sis. I was present at the birth of Chloe Rose Whiting.
Having fun with Uncle Trevor. My kids have a load of new Uncle's that they are just getting a chance to know. I've gained five new in-laws in the past sixteen months. They sure are taking to them well, though.
My sweetest niece.

Chloe Rose Whiting. This makes five grand daughters in a row for my parents.

My sweet little Ginnie Ann...the picture describes her personality perfectly. Just a sweetie.

Angela in her fuzzy ears...

Don't even think about it...whatever I touch is MINE!

Hyrum's toothless smile

Still a favorite activity.

Me attempt at feeding my little "angel" as she hit me with the balloon between each bite-

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I didnt even know she was expecting! COngratulations, shes beautiful!

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