We're back!

Well, since none of the people I'm hesitant to tell about this ever read my blog, and I'm sure very few people follow it anyway, I decided to openly announce that...um, you guessed it!

Hyrum had his first day of school today and is getting his glasses sometime next week. Between dentist, eye, and other Dr. appointments, I'm pretty much booked for the next two weeks. I haven't yet set up an appointment for myself but am well on my way to getting to the root of both Hyrum and Ginnie's struggles.

One of Hyrum's main food allergies is apples in any form. Who would have guessed? And Ginnie is much better off with whole grains and proteins for longer periods of time (but when she starts one of her "rages" as I call them, I can expect them to last about twenty minutes until she settles down and allows me to give her food to eat...moments later, she is back to her regular self. Better to avoid it altogether, but lately it's been happening only fifteen or twenty minutes after she's eaten a meal...hmmm, still more to the puzzle. Could she have a thyroid problem(?) some form of childhood diabetes(?). I want my little girl to not have to suffer. SO I'm taking her in tomorrow to get her tested. Hopefully, it won't be like Hyrum and take nearly a year for them to do anything. Think I've learned my lesson in that department. This motherhood thing has pushed me to unleash the bull-headedness that my parents thought they were successful in smothering, and that I thought I had buried quite well. In some cases, it's necessary. Especially when we know there is something not right concerning our children's health and well-being.

Making some progress, and wow, my kids have been really healthy for five months now! I guess they're officially adjusted to the new climate. Thank goodness we got over that little virus, rash, allergy mania we had going on there for nearly a year. Life is good when Mommy sleeps...although now that I'm pregnant, I have found it much harder to fall asleep, and wake up at the usual, two or three am a few times a week (normal for pregnancy for me). But, it's nothing compared to the first year here, where I called it a really good night only waking up five or seven times and being able to go back to sleep afterward.
I'm certainly not going to complain about once or twice to cover my babies, or to use the bathroom.
I feel extremely blessed at this point in my life. And my husband is more of a support than ever before. He does better and better the more children we have. Growing up in a large family made both of us prepared and more able to just enjoy each day as it comes. Not to mention our natural similarities in child-rearing. We are having loads of fun watching and listening to, guiding and loving our sweet children. We're so grateful to have this miraculous privilege of bringing another child into the world.

I notice I actually have quite a bit more energy when I'm working out regularly. So getting back to that very soon after resting enough from that nightmare of a trip home from Utah.

I'm finding joy again in creating and maintaining our home. Haven't touched the yard other than trimming one of many rose bushes and some wild echinacea flowers that were growing like weeds in the front.

Onto the weeds that have overtaken my garden. I'll have to check tomorrow to see if anything good is left in there. One thing for sure, Ohio doesn't lack in good soil and climate to grow anything. It takes a lot of work to keep up with it all because of how quickly everything grows. Nonetheless, I love my yard and am anxious to really own it again and begin keeping up with it.
I love this part of the country...and hope my family will come visit us sometime while we live here; knowing that I refuse to travel again without my husband after the last couple 'experiences' with three children. It was great visiting family, but hey guys, I'm now the only one with more than one child...and somehow, I think it would be a little easier for you to travel at this point. So I'm done unless and until we are ten hours or less away, everyone's going to have to come out here. It's just too much.


AnnP said…
Hi Rachael! Congratulations to you, too! I am very excited for you. And I am jealous that you are feeling so great. I am very emotional and I am already starting to feel a little sick to my stomach. I wonder if that means you are having another boy and I am having another girl. Hmmm.
Good luck!
Michelle said…
Wow, congratulations! Hope all goes well for you. Dan responded YES to the wedding bbq in October -- hope you and the kids will be able to make it, too! I'd love to see everyone!
Jessica said…
Congratulations! I am very happy for you. I wanted to mention, my friends little girl did the same thing with food, she was sick within 20 minutes of eating, it turned out to be Ciliac. Just thought that I would mention that. I am happy you are feeling well, and your family is good! When is your due date? Talk to you soon!!
Kelsey said…
Oh congrats! That's so exciting. And again, sorry about all the trouble your other littles ones are having. Hope you get to the bottome of them SOON!
Cynthia said…
congrat! Glad you survived your trip-
Congrats! We are fans of big families! :)
Nicole said…
once again... congrats!
Oh that is SO exciting! So how far along are you? I hope that you can get all the health issues under control...it is so hard to see your own kids suffer. Once again, sorry we didn't get to hang out when you were in this neck of the woods...but I am so glad that you didn't come and get our sickness...it has lasted 6 long weeks and we are FINALLY getting some energy back and able to breath again!Sounds like that would have just added to the bad trip anyway. My brother lives out in Ohio..maybe if we come that way sometime we can see you too! He is only there for a year until he hopefully moves this way. Sorry this is so long...I guess I should have just e-mailed you. I am super excited for you! Get some sleep!
Jeff and Sarah said…
Rachael, Congrats on the new addition! My pregnancy has been pretty good so far. I only have 8.5 weeks left. I can hardly believe it! Good luck with the kiddies, and the bun in the oven!
Jeff and Sarah said…
Rachael! No, I'm not in labor! That restaurant is just always cold. :) I like the name of Sarah Diane. My mom-in-laws name is Diane so that fits for me too! Our baby boy is going to be named Landon Jeffrey Curtis. If it was a girl she'd be named Addison. We'll have to save Addison for later because my baby is DEFINITELY a boy! It was pretty obvious! I wish you luck with your 4th.

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