Wednesday, July 15


Our little Hyrum is beginning school this year.
He has a loose tooth, is getting glasses, and hopefully, we're soon going to get to the root of his stomach problems so he can feel normal again.

It makes sense why his eyes have been going cross-eyed when trying to focus on things ten or more feet away. He's pretty excited about the loose tooth thing. Feels like he's growing right up because he's going to get his "adult" teeth when his baby teeth fall out.

He's also learned to play super mario world in the past month and loves it. He is learning how to write his letters pretty well and LOVES doing his pre-k work books and is really looking forward to Kindergarten.

Good thing the girls have each other to keep them occupied while Hyrum's away to school during the day.

Ginnie seems to get more sweaty, achy and wailing more often. I've thought she was hypoglycemic for a long time. I'm going to have her tested to make sure that's all it is. I know what to do in that case. Whole grains, proteins and lots of water, plus a good diet with fiber.

Angela is the cutest little thing when she runs. She's quick on her feet and bounces up and down. Loves water and gets her hands in the toilets a lot lately. I'm trying to keep the bathroom doors closed for that reason.
Her main words now are NO, MINE, MAMA, and DADA. That's about it. Since her big fall about a month and a half ago, she hasn't said more than that although she was really taking off before the fall with her vocabulary. I won't sweat it because she comprehends so much for her age and communicates just great without words. She's crazy smart.
This morning I asked her if she'd like to say the prayer. She looked up with her arms folded and said, "Na" which means ya (and smiled while nodding her head). She folds her arms through the entire prayer, and sings all the time.

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