Sunday, May 10

Olive Leaf and The Book of Mormon

My new found herb for the month is Olive Leaf in capsule form.  This stuff has been used for centuries, especially in Egypt.  It contains bio-assays which produce antibiotic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti inflammatory, immune boosting affects.

It's been used effectively to reduce bad cholesterol, to lower blood pressure, increase blood flow (by relaxing arteries), has been documented as treatment for tumors and cancers such as liver, prostate and breast.  It's antidioxant properties have double the capacity of green tea and almost %400 higher than vitamin C.

My super herb.

I've been taking two capsules a day for a week now, and have noticed a remarkable difference in my appearance, and the way I feel (digestion).
My hair, skin and eyes are more radiant and softer, my stomach feels more calm, and I don't crave sugar and junk nearly as much.  I've also been drinking shakes with liquid chlorophyll or spinach in them often, and taking flaxseed oil and herbal vitamins daily.

My super-read has been the Book of Mormon challenge I've taken on in the past month.  I've read five pages a day up until three days ago. A little behind, yet still spending adequate time at night studying and pondering the pages I do read.  I tell ya, this book has power, and  that power carries through and influences every part of the reader's life.

I've watched my un-motivation to keep up on a clean house, on taking better care of myself, of striving to improve in my weak areas, and other things disappear.  I feel like I'm actually living up to my fullest potential again.  I haven't felt that way for a long time.  I remember as a teen, looking forward to each study session in my room each evening.  I thirsted after them.  They filled me.  I haven't yet gone back to that level of being "on fire", practicing that level of self-discipline, and working that hard to constantly seek the Lord's will in my life, then do it since sometime after becoming a Mommy.  It all is coming back and I realized why.  It was the Book of Mormon.  I read it eight times from age fourteen to eighteen, and the Bible and other books about three each.  It literally changed who I was, and also saved my life.  I had hit rock bottom before I began spending sufficient time on my knees each morning and night, and diving into the scriptures with a hunger for understanding of God's ways.  I went from a thirteen year old girl in a new place, feeling like life wasn't worth living anymore, to a peaceful, strong, incredibly loving teenager who wanted nothing more than to serve those around her, and to be a help and servant to her parents who were at the time, building a house on their own with nine children (ages thirteen and under) while living in a trailer home, and unfinished basement.  Those were rocky times for our family, yet out of them, my testimony began to bloom like it never had before.  Over the years, I've found that it is during my most dark, trying times, that I experience the greatest amount of closeness to my God - and the greatest amount of growth.

God is truly answering my prayers.  I hope I can keep up on these skills that I'm relearning.  I hope I can live up to all the knowledge He's giving me.  I hope to share this Book with the world!  I want everyone to experience it and re-experience it.  It brings hope, motivation, understanding of our relationship to Christ and to those around us, and most of all, it brings a great amount of love for our Creator, and gratitude, recognition of His choicest blessings in our lives.  It brings strength and courage to recognize and stand up for right and truth, and strength to endure to the end.  The word is the iron rod that will lead us to eternal life, and to that fruit which is delicious and precious above all, even the love of God.


Suzi-Q said...

Rach you are such an inspiration to me! I have just recently started having that crave for the scriptures and my life too has felt so full lately. I'm far from where you are but I'm not gonna give up. I love the gospel and the peace it brings to my life. I had someone ask me the other day what makes me different? For fun I told them my eyes, my smile, my laugh, my sparkling personality... but just maybe it's the light of Christ in me getting brighter?!

Rachael said...

That's cool, Suzanne. You're very sweet. I don't think you should compare yourself to me. You're a whole lot more mature in certain areas than am I. We're just different. I'm sure it is the light of Christ they're recognizing in you. That's what I'm talkin about, girl. I remember getting comments like that as a teen often enough. I hope to get back that way someday. Different challenges come at different times. I feel like in many areas I've been torn down, and am just beginning to be built again. But thanks for having such confidence in me. You're awesome, Suzanne!

Ryanne said...

Love you!

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