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Olive Leaf and The Book of Mormon

My new found herb for the month is Olive Leaf in capsule form.  This stuff has been used for centuries, especially in Egypt.  It contains bio-assays which produce antibiotic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti inflammatory, immune boosting affects.
It's been used effectively to reduce bad cholesterol, to lower blood pressure, increase blood flow (by relaxing arteries), has been documented as treatment for tumors and cancers such as liver, prostate and breast.  It's antidioxant properties have double the capacity of green tea and almost %400 higher than vitamin C.
My super herb.
I've been taking two capsules a day for a week now, and have noticed a remarkable difference in my appearance, and the way I feel (digestion). My hair, skin and eyes are more radiant and softer, my stomach feels more calm, and I don't crave sugar and junk nearly as much.  I've also been drinking shakes with liquid chlorophyll or spinach in them often, and taking flaxseed oil and herbal vitamins dai…
"Ginnie, say, 'Hyrum, would you like to say the prayer? Say that.""Hywum, would you like to say the pwayoe?" "Sure!" After he's done, Ginnie informs him that he forgot to bless the food, and to pray that they could play...Hyrum responds, "I did."  "But I didn't heaw you pway that we could play." My children have had the habit for a long time now of praying for what they'd really like to do, in the order that they hope to do it.  I suppose in our rush with family prayer, we pray for the same things, plus a few things we're grateful for.  That was just to get them prepared for what was ahead, so they were informed.  Maybe next family night's lesson will be on the different parts of prayer, and the significance of each part, rather than a schedule. Kids really keep us on track.  They are little mirrors of what they hear and see.  Because of this, it's a sure way to push us to be so much better than we would have the…