Sunday, April 5


In case anyone's interested (which I highly doubt), here is our daily routine...the few things that we do consistently every day and week.
Hyrum is usually up with the sun, around 6:30 and is in watching a movie of his choice when I get around to waking up with the girls around 7:30 or eight.
We usually lounge just a little while Hyrum finishes his movie (I'm determined to change this part into jumping on our miniature trampoline again daily).  Then we go into the kitchen for some breakfast.
9-10:00 Next, it's chore time.  I normally have them fold and put away a load of laundry and clean up two rooms (living room usually included), then go in and make their beds/straighten rooms.
10:00-11:30 Then, they get to color and build blocks, or whatever suits their fancy while I try to get the rest of the house cleaned up, as well as putting Angela down for her morning nap at 10:30
Lunch 11:45-12:00
12:00-2:00 Quiet Time
After lunch, we have quiet time where I read on average five to seven books from the library, and from our very large selection that we own.  They've always loved to be read to and will sit for an hour and listen intently.  Angela is beginning to love books, so I try to read her baby books first so she can go play and allow me to read to the other two to their hearts' content.
I have them lye down quietly for about an hour after stories.
2:00 I get my shower usually after quiet time is done, and the kids normally jump in with me, or take a seperate bath...then we all get dressed for the rest of the day
When they are done, we either run errands, go to the park, play a game together, watch a movie, or dance to music...they love drawing and practicing their letters and sounding out words whenever they get a chance to (Hyrum is reading slowly, and writing his words - the other day he wrote Jesus G-E-Z-U-S) Ginnie is getting really good at writing her own letters and sounding them out.
All too soon, it's time for me to be making dinner.
Dan gets home and after dinner's done, we begin the night time routine at seven o'clock.
We read a chapter from the scriptures, allowing the kids to take turns repeating us for a few verses each.  Right now, we are in 1 Corinthians.  We've read the B of M about five times as a family, and the other books twice each since we rotate the Book of Mormon in every other book.
Then, family prayer where normally Ginnie has to say a prayer after whoever Daddy chooses if it's not her.  Sometimes we all end up saying our personal prayers.
Daddy gets tooth brushes and pajama's most of the time.
Then we tuck them in, turn on a mo-tab CD, and wait for the requests to begin.  Dan usually ends up singing a song to, and rocking both his girls, and having a semi-long conversation with his very inquisitive almost-five-year-old boy.

Then, we both go to our computers where we spend time on facebook, updating our blogs, or watching one of our shows (for Dan, it's catching up on all sorts of articles, and for me, it's catching up on everyone else's lives).
Then there's my nightly routine, which I'm finding I like staying up because of how many things I still need to do in order to go to sleep - as overtired as I am since most of the time each of my children wakes up at least once a night.
Take vitamins and good bacteria, Brush teeth, study scriptures, pray.
  I'm thinking of starting on the yard work so I can plant a garden soon.  Something to look forward to learning more about.

That's about it for our exciting life.  Of course we are flexible when there are appointments, grocery shopping to be done, play dates etc.  And we normally visit the library once or twice a week.
Then there is Family Night every Monday, Ginnie's gymnastics class every Tuesday as well as sports night and mutual for me.  Date night every friday evening for Daniel and I.  And almost always something going on Saturdays.
With three kids, it's never boring around here.  Someone is always needing something - to be fed, to be changed or helped with going potty, dressed, bathed, hair combed, noses and bums wiped, faces and hands washed, drink of water, solving problems (usually involving our litte swiper who craves attention from her older brother and sister, or a mischevious brother who enjoys teasing his sisters often lately, or a wailing three year old who is too tired to know what she wants)....and the list goes on.  It's constant work and play, but the play is most of the time also work while they're awake. You can understand why I procrastinate starting my night routine when the craziness starts all over again in the morning.
I love it though, I have to admit.  It's miraculous to watch how quickly these little ones learn and grow.

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AZSMITHS said...

How funny--I procrastinate going to bed too, because it's my only alone time and I know the next day is going to be full of work!!

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