Thursday, April 23

I Rejoice!

There's a song that I love by an LDS woman called 'I Rejoice!' 
It portrays Eve's feelings about the fall.  I love the melody.  But here are the words:
"I used to walk with God.
I used to sing with angels.
My feet were bear in the sweet tender grass, I was sure of a world I knew well..."
I'd never been afraid.  No harm had ever touched me.  
Then I put out my hand, and at once, there was darkness where light used to be.
Chorus:  All need until, it was as if the wind stood still.  Holding a breath, as we walked the path way, from life to death.  Tears running down,  and I know the pain of my choice. 
But not for those tears, with my eyes now clear, I rejoice!"

Our children we will hold.  Though with our joy, our sorrow.  
No longer will the earth care for us, now we'll make it a home on our own...
(can't remember rest of this verse)

It goes into detail about the process of repentance and the absolute need for the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  It is completely beautiful.


Devon and Alicia said...

Hi there,
You left a comment on our blog and my husband and I are trying to figure out how we know you. Do you mind helping us out. :)

Rachael Wheeler said...

Devon Anderson is the older brother of Tressa Anderson, who was my age. They were in my ward growing up, but I was so shy and tried to make myself invisible. So I'm sure he didn't know I existed.

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