Friday, March 6

My baby!

My baby, who has been determined to grow up since she was born, has started both walking and talking.  She recognizes and imitates words right and left like my other two did at fourteen months!  "Bow" is bear (teddy's are her favorite), "Muh!" means no, when she's fighting back after her brother and sister tell her she can't do something.  Sometimes it's "Dah!" 
"Boo(k)", "pathe" (toothepaste that she is always wanting to swipe and suck on), "Mom" and "Mama" both me.  She pretends to kiss by smacking her lips together like we do, with a closed mouth.  She pretends to cry when holding a dolly, then hugs and kisses the doll, saying "Ahhh".  She blows on food like we do.
Where did this girl come from?  She is doing what my other two did at at least a year, and she is ten-and-a-half months old.  She really is in a hurry to grow up.  
She climbs on anything, does patta-cake, and shares her food with everyone.  She'll clean up cheerios and other things when I sing the clean up song after she's messed up and looked at me with guilty eyes.  I tell her gently, "No messes.  Clean up."
Today, I was whispering to her, "Say hi to daddy" as he was in the shower and I was holding her outside.  She whispered right back babbling and saying "dada".  She has yelled "Daddy!" once but mostly it's dada.
She is so intelligent.  Sad I can't share her more with all of our extended family members.  She's fun as can be to watch and interact with because of how much she comprehends.  I forget that she's as old as she is because of how petite she is still.  She's still just a little thing, but so loveable and so capable of getting what she needs all the time.  There's no guessing with her.  She's an excellent communicator and always has been.  What gifts she came with.  Wonder if she'll be like my little sister Kemarie and learn new languages as a hobby.


Michelle said...

My sister Jen did everything at a younger age, too, because she was trying to keep up with her two older sisters. She was riding a bike at age 3!

Rachael said...

Cool, maybe along with wanting to be held most of the time as a baby, it's part of the third child syndrome :)

our family said...

just trying to get the ten yr reunion ready. if you are wanting to come will you email me your address and email. thanks. julie.

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