Thursday, March 26

But I really, really WANT it!

Life is tough sometimes, isn't it?  I have really wanted a new comforter and bed set for a while now.  We have mixed and matched blankets and afghans on our bed at the moment because our comforter and matching pillowcases is so worn out and so hard to clean.  I've wanted for sometime, a nice new dresser, and maybe throw in some new kitchen supplies that have slowly gone missing with each new move.  Those of you who know us, are probably thinking, why don't you just go get those things...I mean you have enough!?
So I would like to share what I'm learning  right now about life...and the necessity of first, being content with what we have right now, and secondly, of being ready at a moment's notice to give to those in need RIGHT now.
Every time I think about a new matching bed set, I have to keep reminding myself that we have what we need, and the rest will come in due time.  Of course, the more I think this way, the more I see clearly how silly my desires are.  And the less I desire those material things that everyone seems to place so much value on; the more valuable to me, those things which I already have, become.  The more I WANT to look for those around me who really do have immediate NEEDS.

 I am learning that I have a choice.  

Choose to be content with what you have, and with where you're at, and the Lord will add all things unto you.  I believe that more and more as I experience it.  Truly, if He gave us all we wanted right when we wanted it, we'd turn into monsters of ingratitude...nothing would be enough.
This is a concept I'd like to apply to every area of my life.  I often dream of the sort of home I'd like to have, the way things are run, the areas I'd like my husband to be stronger in, the sort of woman I'd really like to be.  In the past, I've become discouraged in knowing we're a long way from that vision of mine.  I'm realizing more and more, though, that there is a reason everything isn't just "perfect"....I mean, once we've reached that point, great - then what?
 Will all be merry and bright?  Will we all be translated?  I dare say, no.  Most likely, there will be something else thrown at us to make us stretch a little closer to that life which is like God's life.  It's all in the master plan.  We are given all these things to learn and to become what we were created to become, to become fit for the Kingdom of God, and to be fit to build HIs Kingdom here on earth more effectively, more quickly and efficiently.
Finding joy in the journey is the richest, most rewarding way.  Material wealth will come later (even if that wealth is simply having all of our basic needs met to our own satisfaction)...that's a promise we have in the scriptures, for those of us who believe in a God, and believe that He is a truthful God.
" And moreover, I would desire that ye should consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God.  For behold, they are blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual; and if they hold out faithful to the end they are received into heaven, that thereby they may dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness.  O remember, remember that these things are true; for the Lord God hath spoken it. (Mosiah 2:41)"

  This world is all about instant can have whatever you want now and worry about the consequences later...or that there are no consequences.  When we choose our will over God's, He cannot teach us those things that would make us happiest long-term. If we get caught up in the whirlwind of wanting more and more which is easy to do, there becomes a hole that is never filled, and we will not be focused on those things that bring fulfillment, and JOY..  He wants us to have all that He has, and He's given us an outline of how to work up to that point.
Wanting is not happy.  Yearning is not peaceful.
Gratitude is happy; it's hopeful and diligent.  Looking forward, working hard for that day when we can enjoy fully the fruits of our labors.  One of my all time favorite scriptures is "Be still, and know that I am God. (Psalms 46:10)"
I've learned to stop wishing,  to let my worries and my complaints be still, while  pro-actively working toward that goal, thus proving to my God that I believe Him when he says that He'll provide. Faith is very much an adverb, an action word. When we lack faith, despair overtakes us pretty quickly.  
Motherhood has refined and taught me like nothing else has come close to in my life. I have been through unbelievably hard times in facing my own cycles of self-destruction - and in disarming them.  I am learning not to  panic, to not get discouraged when things aren't going just right.  I am learning to enjoy every moment of life's journey.
What is the purpose of life, anyway?  Men are that they might have joy (not instant gratification, not short term pleasure or thrill...but joy).  Men are, that they might have JOY. En -JOY the journey.  Work hard, press forward with a perfect brightness of hope, and you  will have true, filling, peaceful, wonderful joy in this life, and riches in the eternities to come. 
Let's stop moping around, feeding ourselves lies like "I can't", and lets get up and work.  Pretty soon, we'll all find that we can.  We can do, have and become anything that we are willing to sacrifice and work hard for. 
"All things are possible to Him that believeth. (Matt 19:26)"

Friday, March 20

My Day Off

Today has been beyond amazing!
Dan finished finals this week, and went to play for the day on Wednesday.  So yesterday, he informed me that today, I could have the day off...he would take care of all my responsibilities so I could go do WHATEVER I wanted!
Let me tell you, I was pretty excited as you can imagine.
First, I woke up to breakfast in bed.  Then I took a shower and got myself ready for the day.
Then, I went bike riding with my babysitters' Mother...I've loved their family.  They have four teenage daughters who switch off babysitting for us and I think the world of their entire family.  We went about seven miles on a nice bike trail alongside an old abandoned railroad.  I had no idea we had gone so far because we were talking the entire time.  But, I'm pretty sore as I'm typing this, so I can only imagine how it's going to be tomorrow (I'm not in good shape).  We went back to their house, I practiced a song with her oldest daughter that we're going to sing in a couple months, then I waited while her third oldest got ready for me to take back to our house to babysit, so I could steal my handsome husband away for a surprise double date.  I seem to like Sarah's because my other friend, Sarah and her husband came with us.  We had a great time!  I really love all the people I'm meeting and getting to know here.  They've been such a great blessing to me.
We had an awesome time eating dinner and seeing a movie:)  Thank you so much Sarah and Ernie for a fun time, and Sister Kellar, and especially my Daniel for making this day like a dream that I'll always remember.

Friday, March 6

My baby!

My baby, who has been determined to grow up since she was born, has started both walking and talking.  She recognizes and imitates words right and left like my other two did at fourteen months!  "Bow" is bear (teddy's are her favorite), "Muh!" means no, when she's fighting back after her brother and sister tell her she can't do something.  Sometimes it's "Dah!" 
"Boo(k)", "pathe" (toothepaste that she is always wanting to swipe and suck on), "Mom" and "Mama" both me.  She pretends to kiss by smacking her lips together like we do, with a closed mouth.  She pretends to cry when holding a dolly, then hugs and kisses the doll, saying "Ahhh".  She blows on food like we do.
Where did this girl come from?  She is doing what my other two did at at least a year, and she is ten-and-a-half months old.  She really is in a hurry to grow up.  
She climbs on anything, does patta-cake, and shares her food with everyone.  She'll clean up cheerios and other things when I sing the clean up song after she's messed up and looked at me with guilty eyes.  I tell her gently, "No messes.  Clean up."
Today, I was whispering to her, "Say hi to daddy" as he was in the shower and I was holding her outside.  She whispered right back babbling and saying "dada".  She has yelled "Daddy!" once but mostly it's dada.
She is so intelligent.  Sad I can't share her more with all of our extended family members.  She's fun as can be to watch and interact with because of how much she comprehends.  I forget that she's as old as she is because of how petite she is still.  She's still just a little thing, but so loveable and so capable of getting what she needs all the time.  There's no guessing with her.  She's an excellent communicator and always has been.  What gifts she came with.  Wonder if she'll be like my little sister Kemarie and learn new languages as a hobby.

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