Thursday, February 12

Sick Again

My poor kids.  They've got what sounds like Bronchitis to me.  Ginnie also has what looks like Measles, according to my studies.  I'm just letting it run it's course, and trying to keep them hydrated and rested.   I've been lucky to stay well.
I wonder what it is that makes their immune system's so vulnerable to every sickness that comes around since we moved here.  It's tough to try to figure it out.  Meanwhile, I really hope their entire childhood isn't like this, or they won't have very many happy memories.  Such good little sports! It doesn't help that our heater is broken either.  It's about sixty four in here, which is a little colder than usual.  Cold enough that we need light jackets to keep from getting cold noses, hands and feet.  Ginnie tells me she's tired often enough, and I have to run when Hyrum sneezes because he inherited Daddy's explosive sneezes.  But other than that, they've been tough and have played through it for the most part.  What sweeties.
I'm loving mommyhood more than ever!  I think I was experiencing post-partum depression for the first eight or so months after Angela was born...sort of expected as I experienced it with my other two as well.  In the past several weeks, I feel like life is enjoyable and like I can be a good  Mommy again!  What a relief! I really love my life now.
Isn't Hyrum a handsome little guy?  Don't know what I'd do without his constant help and watching out for me and his sister's.  He's amazing to me.  Every day I wonder how I was the one to be his Mother.  He's better than me in every way, naturally...I'm so grateful for my Hyrum boy!


Nathan Wheeler said...

wasn't Ginnie vaccinated for Measles? I know influenza is at its peak right now, Nathan's got it :)

Hope they get better soon!


Rachael said...

Yes, but I can't figure out what it could be other than that. It lasted four days, then disappeared by the morning of the fifth day. Weird. How's Nathan now?

Rachael said...

I've learned for myself that vaccines don't make them completely immuned, but I'd like to think they make it so that if they do catch something, it's not nearly as bad as it could be. On the other hand, it seems that they'd be more healthy if they hadn't been vaccinated. It seems to really put a damper on their immune system's from what I've heard from many other mother's who decided not to vaccinate their children and whose children tend to be far more healthy in general than mine. So, I'm looking for answers...

Nathan Wheeler said...


Nathan is slowly getting better he now has a lingering cough which sometimes leads him to coughing attacks. I agree that people should educate themselves about vaccinations however, I work with too many individuals that struggle because of the disabilities they now have because they're family chose not to vaccinate. You will hear that on both sides- vaccines caused disabilities or disabilities from lack of vaccination. Nathan and both talked about your kids getting sick (since he lived in Ohio for 2 years) and it could be that their bodies are adjusting to the different climate. They are more vulnerable because they haven't lived there for very long. Nathan thinks next year will be a lot better for them. Did you take Ginnie to the doctor? Did you get your heater fixed? I hope so! It's too cold to not have one! I just hope your kids get better soon, tis the season for colds, its no fun. We MISS YOU GUYS!


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