Wednesday, February 25

A Challenge

Fifty reasons why I love  my husband.
I love my husband because...
  1. He does the dishes at least once a day
  2. Of the way he thinks things through
  3. He loves me despite all my craziness
  4. He is the most amazing Daddy in action I've ever witnessed
  5. He sings silly, loud, off key songs that he makes up as he goes and are usually witty, fun, endearing and make me laugh
  6. He has a genuine appreciation for all his blessings and acknowledges God's hand in all things
  7. Of his fascination with the order of the universe and all of God's creations
  8. He loves to learn about anything and everything and generally retains it all...making easy access to my human encyclopedia...some of his nicknames have included Daniel the Manual, and Dan the man (my superman and clark kent)
  9. Of his dynamic personality (he's like an onion, with layers and layers yet to discover)
  10. Of the cute bounce in his walk, and his strong legs that always seem to be on the go
  11. He is determined to face his problems and fears head on and overcome them, doesn't allow them to slow down his progression in the slightest.  A true warrior.
  12. Of his mixed sense of humor (witty with a bit of charisma and charm, add a twist of dry)
  13. He surprises me here and there with random romantic antics
  14. Of the way he loves our children
  15. Of his ability to be himself, and accepts others as they are
  16. He speaks the truth boldly
  17. Of his admiration and gratitude toward his parents.  I have never heard a single negative thing come out of his mouth about his parents.  He honors and loves them with his life.  Because of their examples, he can now show our children a better way.
  18. Of how he can give an honest evaluation of situations without passing judgement about anyone's intentions or correctness
  19. Because of his inexpensive, nerdy hobbies
  20. Because he's always actively aware and concerned about what's going on all over the world,  thus keeping me informed so I'm not too out of the loop
  21. He tries so hard to be what I need
  22. He's an outside of the box sort of thinker, and very much a seeker of truth and doing the right thing in God's eyes
  23. He comes from a family that I couldn't have handpicked better.
  24. Of his willingness to come to my aid whenever I call, and do all he can to fix the problem
  25. Of his brown eyes that seem to see straight through me
  26. Of his ability to set goals and execute them, sticking with them 
  27. He is wonderful to me
  28. He dances in the living room like a crazy person to any music, and actually looks good doing it
  29. Of his ability to make all three of his girls laugh simultaneously
  30. Of his smile and like-ability
  31. He is imperfect (so glad about this one, otherwise I might be one lonely woman)
  32. He is a man of quiet passion
  33. He's always wanted a large family
  34. He supports and provides for us sooooo well
  35. Of his desire to be more, to reach his potential
  36. He is brave and courageous when I feel like a scared little girl
  37. He always leaves and returns home with a kiss for me
  38. He's been a great source in almost completely eliminating my "bad news coach"
  39. We both have tempers that we are working on
  40. We're both stubborn and prideful in our own ways, and that leaves little room for criticism...
  41. His strengths tend to be my weaknesses
  42. For some odd reason, he wants to be with me forever
  43. After earning a Doctorate and serving twenty years as an officer in the military, his dream is to settle down and teach high school where he feels he may be able to have some influence for good.
  44. He gives his all in callings and responsibilities
  45. He loves nature and everyone in their natural state (away with the tinkling cymbals and round tyres like the moon (refer to Isaiah), away with the well-set hair and painted faces
  46. Of his taste in music
  47. He is willing to fight for me even when I have given up
  48. I get to be with him forever!
  49. He's very affectionate-took me by surprise when we were dating
  50. He is my hero, and the one I've always dreamed of                                             I love you my sweetheart~may we have many many more years of growth and wonderful times ahead!  I'm so grateful we can live life hand in hand.


Suzie said...

That was very nice and very sweet!

Nathan Wheeler said...

That is such a good idea! You are such a cute person! I really look up to you! I hope I can be as awesome as you someday :)


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