Friday, February 13

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Ginnie is almost three. I thought this was a good little conversation to record just before her birthday next week...technically still a two-year-old.
As I was rocking both my girls just before putting them down tonight, Ginnie exclaimed in a deep, passionate voice,
"I weally, weally, love Daddy."
"Do you?"
"Ya, I love evwybody.... (thoughtful pause) sept Hywum.  I don't love him.  Cause he's mean to goles....wememboe, Hywum just pushed me down?"

Another funny moment was when Angela had pulled a little indian dress off of a generic brand Pocahontas barbie-sized doll, and Ginnie came to tell me.  Next thing I know, Hyrum has his power ranger in the Indian doll dress, calling him Conten (one of many imaginary names he uses when playing), and referring to her doll as "Pokadin" was quite humorous watching his power ranger being so violent (as boys often are) in a dress with his adversary a bare indian doll other than underwear trying to make peace and be his friend. 
I do believe I'll miss these moments as they happen so often with all three home all the time.  I'm happy to say, however, that when the time comes shortly to wave goodbye to Hyrum on his first day of Kindergarten, it will be a sigh of relief.  Now that he knows his letters and their sounds and has become so good at writing them and trying to make words all by himself, I'm actually really excited to see him excel in a school setting.

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