Saturday, February 7

Blew It

I did well for the first three weeks of eating a whole lot better.  This past week, I've completely and utterly bombed.  I couldn't keep my hands off of all those sweets that I've been craving, and the chips and other unhealthy things.
I did, however, order a book about blood types, what to avoid etc. according to your blood type.  I think I'll try to incorporate what I've learned there and little by little what I know I should to better my eating habits.  Boy, I've got a long ways to go.
On another note, I chopped some bangs out of need of change.  I was going to get a perm  but Daniel wants nothing that would damage my hair leading me to eventually cut it all off again.  He's thoroughly enjoying the growth that's taking place, and my hair hasn't been this long since our first year of marriage.  He actually cried the first time I cut it shoulder length.  I've never been able to grow it past that point since.  After I'd cut my bangs, he kept complimenting me.  I told him, "See, bangs look good on me, don't they?"
That's the extent of my exciting life right now.  Angela is about to get two rather large looking top teeth.  She's also been mimicking Hyrum practicing saying no -- "mmmmuh"  is about as close as she comes, but they go back and forth like that.  It's the cutest thing watching her facial expressions as she stands up for herself.


Michelle said...

Ah, you just need to some good, EASY recipes for meals and snacks! I'm going to type some up to send to my sister today... I'll send some to you, too.

It really can be pretty easy to switch to a more healthy diet. You just have to go about the right way so you don't torture yourself! :-)

Nathan Wheeler said...

Don't beat yourself up about not following your eating plans with 100% accuracy. Everyday is a new day. Keep in mind that if your body is craving specific sweets and things you will feel less like a failure if you just eat a little bit of that (when you are craving it) but with something healthy too. Then you won't go overboard. When you completely deny your body something that its craving, the cravings build up til you give in and eat way too much sweets,then all you have is major guilt. SO save yourself some major guilt and indulge every once in awhile. Nathan and I checked out the blood type book, keep in mind that its just suggestions and that it isn't for everyone. For example, it told me to stick to certain foods that my body really can't handle. It might be the same for you.


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