Saturday, January 17


Today was a great day.  I went shopping nearly all of it....BY MYSELF!
What a treat.  First, I went to the health food store and bought three different kinds of flour, including kamut.  Next, I went to Goodwill to shop for myself (the Goodwill here is huge and very clean, orderly).  Then I went to Plato's closet to find some shoes for moi, as well as Once Upon a Child to get pants for the kids and new dresses for the girls.  Tomorrow, when I dress them up, I'll take some pictures of my little beauties.
I so love that my kidlets are growing up.  It's getting a little less strenuous now that Hyrum can dress himself and wipe his own bum.  And now that Ang doesn't nurse very often, and enjoys getting around by herself and exploring.  I do have to say, though, what I'm gaining in not having to hold and nurse her constantly, I'm loosing in the messes she's beginning to make around the house.
Just today, she had discovered toilet paper in my bathroom and began unrolling it while I was there.  While Daniel was watching her, she crawled into the bathroom on the opposite end of the house and did her business.
When I got home, I was surprised because my two oldest ones don't do that anymore...oh boy, what a smart girl I've got on my hands.  She's started pointing to things and understands so much.  

Nonetheless, I'm glad she's growing up so quickly.

Otherwise, I have stopped eating sugar and chocolate and already feel a bunch better about life.  There's something about denying yourself that brings a sense of joy and fulfillment.  We eat spinach quite often (more often than before), sometimes right out of the bag.  I've also made it a goal to exercise at least three times a week and to concentrate on better posture.
Goals are a necessary thing in striving and progressing.
Life is grand!

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AZSMITHS said...

That's Great! My goal of exercising lasted 3 days! I have to get back on track this week.

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