Friday, January 9

So Sowy

The other day, I lost my patience with my Ginnie Ann over asking her many times nicely to do something, and her ignoring me.
She came to me several hours later and said,
"Mommy, I'm sowy foe getting mad at you."  I told her I didn't know she was mad at me.
She explained to me ,
"When you woe getting mad at me, I getted mad at you...and I'm so sowy foe getting mad at you."

Children are so pure.


Anonymous said...

That's so cute! You have a cute blog Rachael! You've done a great job!

Michelle said...

Hi there, I'm Dan's cousin. I found you by wandering through Barrett's and Wheelers...

Cute family!

Michelle said...

LOL, my dad is Arnold.

Jennings said...

that is too cute. That is too funny that she was mad at you for getting upset with her. She is a bright little girl!

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