Tuesday, January 27

Leapfrog Letter

Alright, anyone who is wanting to teach your toddler or pre-schooler their letters, this is probably the best, quickest way to do it.
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I put in this video in the morning for my kids as I workout in our living room.  This started three weeks ago, when Ginnie recognized about ten letters, and had no idea about the sounds they make, and Hyrum probably half his letters without the ability to write them.
Tonight, as we were reading family scriptures, Hyrum was writing each letter like a pro and saying the letter with a sound-and so was Ginnie!
By the end of scriptures, he was putting sounds together and attempting to write words.  He wanted to spell kite.  So he immediately wrote a 'k', then a 't'.  I told him that spelt kt..."So what do you need?"
"An I"
He spelt "kid", "boy", "slap" and a few others.
He gets it-and is so excited he didn't want to stop tonight so he was quite a handful getting down.
He's got two pre-school workbooks that are all completed, all the activities except, of course letter activities, because no matter how hard I tried (as inconsistent as I am), I just didn't have the patience to help him write them correctly and learn what they were, what they sounded like.  I told him tomorrow we can work on some pages with letters and words.
He is sounding actual three letter words out and is already getting quick at figuring out what they are-and just started today!!
NEED I SAY MORE? This video is a great tool.
I went through an entire stack of flash cards with single letters on them, about twenty five, and Ginnie was quick as could be at saying whatever letter it was followed by the sound it makes.  She wasn't sure on two.  Incredible.  I'm so excited to teach them both to read, now it's a matter of practice and we've got all the phonics books, so plenty of little starter books they can practice reading on.
 Look out Grandma, the next time you see us, two of my children will be reading, and no doubt even baby Angela will be mimicking as she has been, the sounds of the letters that she hears in the video.  Love it!!


Hart Family said...

Hey Rache, we LOVE those video's. Make sure you get the rest of the series, they are the BEST! My kids did the same thing when they watched them and Tyler is just as gifted in math as he is in reading!

Love ya!

Our Family Happenings said...

Ya, we love those videos too! It is amazing how much they can learn from them. Glad to hear you are doing well!

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