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Leapfrog Letter

Alright, anyone who is wanting to teach your toddler or pre-schooler their letters, this is probably the best, quickest way to do it.Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I put in this video in the morning for my kids as I workout in our living room.  This started three weeks ago, when Ginnie recognized about ten letters, and had no idea about the sounds they make, and Hyrum probably half his letters without the ability to write them. Tonight, as we were reading family scriptures, Hyrum was writing each letter like a pro and saying the letter with a sound-and so was Ginnie! By the end of scriptures, he was putting sounds together and attempting to write words.  He wanted to spell kite.  So he immediately wrote a 'k', then a 't'.  I told him that spelt kt..."So what do you need?" "An I" He spelt "kid", "boy", "slap" and a few others. He gets it-and is so excited he didn't want to stop tonight so he was quite a handful getti…

The importance of Good Bacteria

Alright, I'm about to educate you on what Candida is...because of the fact that it's not easily recognized in the medical world as a possible culprit when not kept under control, to digestive problems, skin problems, and much more.   I believe there are plenty of people out there who are suffering from candidasis (candida infection), me being one.  So, I'll explain what it is and what it can turn into if it goes unchecked for so many years.  I do believe that this has been the root of mine and my children's skin and digestive problems.
"Candida albicans is a common yeast that lives in the mouth, the digestive system, the genital tract, and the skin.  It is usually a rather lazy, noninvasive sugar-loving organism -- just one of the many tiny creatures that normally live within the human body without causing too many problems.  This is because a healthy body has the means to keep candida under tight control.  As long as the human body has sufficient numbers of "…

Girls New Dresses



My new dress side/front

Close up, front
From the back

This is Angela next to her mess.


Today was a great day.  I went shopping nearly all of it....BY MYSELF!What a treat.  First, I went to the health food store and bought three different kinds of flour, including kamut.  Next, I went to Goodwill to shop for myself (the Goodwill here is huge and very clean, orderly).  Then I went to Plato's closet to find some shoes for moi, as well as Once Upon a Child to get pants for the kids and new dresses for the girls.  Tomorrow, when I dress them up, I'll take some pictures of my little beauties. I so love that my kidlets are growing up.  It's getting a little less strenuous now that Hyrum can dress himself and wipe his own bum.  And now that Ang doesn't nurse very often, and enjoys getting around by herself and exploring.  I do have to say, though, what I'm gaining in not having to hold and nurse her constantly, I'm loosing in the messes she's beginning to make around the house. Just today, she had discovered toilet paper in my bathroom and began unroll…

So Sowy

The other day, I lost my patience with my Ginnie Ann over asking her many times nicely to do something, and her ignoring me.She came to me several hours later and said,"Mommy, I'm sowy foe getting mad at you."  I told her I didn't know she was mad at me. She explained to me , "When you woe getting mad at me, I getted mad at you...and I'm so sowy foe getting mad at you."
Children are so pure.

Little Moments

Okay, I finally completed my latest obsession.Dan bought me a video camera for Christmas, and I immediately began recording my children in small moments here and there.  Due to my inexperience with a video camera, be ware that some of my earlier recordings are shaky... I've learned a whole lot in Quicktime, and have gained a new skill in the process.  So, be sure to put my playlist on pause and enjoy!