Thursday, December 4


I LOVE Christmas time.
We have a little book with Christmas stories, hymns, and a scripture to go along with each story. We're doing the twenty days of Christmas in December each night before regular scripture study.  I think the kids enjoy it...the stories are a little advanced, so once in a while, I stop Daniel for a moment and tell them what's happening at their level.
Our overall closeness as a family has improved so much since we moved here.  We've set individual and family goals that help us to feel more unity in our home.

Ginnie has really grown into a little girl recently.  I don't know where she comes up with half of what she says.  But she reminds me of a seven-year-old more than an almost three-year-old.  She picked up a Book of Mormon and said, "This is the Book of Moemon, huh."  Then she thought for a moment and said, "Jesus told me to wead the Book of Moemon.  Jesus taught me to wead the Book of Moemon...and the Holy Ghost told me that I should keep the commandments."
These are the sort of things that come from this child's mouth often.  It makes it hard to remember that she is only two and a half.
  Every once in a while she'll make a comment that sort of reminds me that I shouldn't expect quite so much from her.  Often it's in correction of my impatience or immaturity. I love her strength and genuine wisdom.

Hyrum is being particularly consciencious of his behavior lately.  He's improved greatly.  I don't know if a talk that Daniel had with him really impacted him or what.  Now that I think of it, he's always had a keen sensitivity to things of a spiritual nature, and perhaps it is the spirit of Christmas that has brought on this abrupt change. But, wow I'm impressed.  Before this, he was beginning to lie, blame Ginnie for everything, get into things and becoming so destructive.  I feel like I see the old Hyrum that I've been missing for a long time now.  Some special vitamins that I order for myself and my children might have something to do with the evening of moods I've taken note of in both Hyrum and I.  They always make a difference in me.  But, I'm very grateful for the different characteristics in my children.

Dan is amazing.  Need I say more?  I'm grateful for him, for his hard work and dedication to our family, and to improving.  He's picked up my slack and just been there for me and the kids more than ever.  He's a great man...I love him more every day!

Angela has discovered the DVD shelves.  She crawls from room to room until she finds where everyone is usually, but today I snuck in to see what she was up to and she was standing up pulling the DVD's down.  Her latest endeavor has been pulling herself up to standing, slowly, controlled, with one hand.  And, as in other seven-month-olds, the attitude is here.  She comprehends when I tell her no.  I let her play with my cell phone sometimes as she enjoys pressing the buttons.  She is very much a mouth explorer unlike my other two.  Each time she goes to put it in her mouth, I move it away and say gently, "No, not in your mouth."  She usually grunts at this in retort "Ugh".  After about four times of stopping her from putting it in her mouth, she consciously works to not resort to the habit again and studies it with her hands instead.  It's a miracle to me to see how her mind works, she's an intellectual child beyond any I've seen.  She says "Dada" regularly and sometimes "Ma" when she really wants me to hold her.  I say "Kiss" and kiss her each time afterward to help her relate the word with the act.  A couple days back, I asked, "Where's Dada?"  I repeated it and she looked over at Daddy acknowledging him, then went back to studying whatever object was in her hand.  I said "Kiss Dada".  I repeated it a couple more times.  At first, she didn't seem to want to divert her attention.  But then she leaned over and gave him a quick, soft kiss on the cheek.
 I marvel at who she is and her ability to communicate and to comprehend so much in her young age.

Hyrum and her have a neat relationship.  They have a spark between them that is extremely entertaining to watch.  Hyrum will laugh at something Ang does, then she'll do it again a few times realizing that she's  the one causing his reaction.
I gave her my ring to play with yesterday and watched as she turned it and studied it from one hand to the other.  Sometimes it landed on her finger as she passed it back and forth.    My Father in Heaven spoils me for no apparent reason except that He loves me as His daughter...I continue to fall short in every way yet, it must please Him to make me smile because He keeps doing it.  I really love Him.  I really love His  Son because of whom, I can repent constantly and become clean.  He is the source of my happiness.

My Daniel has been praying for me, and has spent more time than ever before on his knees and with his nose in the scriptures.  He is finally discovering his relationship to his Father in Heaven, and loving it.  His countenance has changed.  His desires and heart have changed for the better.  He was a good man before, but now he is beginning to really see his own potential.  This is a great miracle in our family.  All my dreams are beginning to come true.

It is a testament to me that God knows how to work with His sons in His own way and time.  The best way for us wives to work with our husbands is to ask the Lord how to respond to them at any given moment.  This has worked wonders in our marriage.  At times, when I might naturally be defensive or close up, I have asked a simple question.  Thoughts, or a quiet desire to act, come.  We can have great influence in anyone's life if we simply ask what we need to do.  We are God's children.  He knows us.  He knows how to comfort and meet our needs...even if sometimes, it be through others.

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