Monday, December 22

Christmas is Coming!

Today was a very productive day!  With Dan's help, we were able to get pretty much the whole house cleaned and Daniel took the kids (all three of them...a first) to the Library to allow me a couple hours to do what I could to get my house in order.
Mommy's sure do work hard, and feel ignored sometimes.  But I feel a great sense of fulfillment and gratitude that this is my lot in life.
  This year is going to be more fun than ever before because our children are old enough to get excited about Christmas morning.

I'm finally feeling like three is doable.  Angela is so independent and FIESTY.  I haven't had such a fiesty one yet-it makes life interesting.  Two teeth have poked their way through in the past week or so, and she seems to be in a lot of discomfort still...guess she was holding out to get a bunch at once.  Poor girl, hasn't been her smiley self in the past few days.

We've received quite a few goodies.  The neighbor's here go all out - they tend to bake a huge assortment of baked goods and stuff a paper plate as full as it can get, then wrap it up all fancy like.  I've also noticed that women from around here tend to call other women "hun" or "sweetie" a lot.  Mid-western hospitality.  Love it.

Next year is a new start and will come with many changes.  I haven't yet had to deal with outside influences.  I'm just grateful to know that here in Ohio, there are far more good, well-grounded people than not, who teach their children right from wrong.  And, the schools here are rated nine's and ten's.  So, I'm not too apprehensive about Hyrum going to Kindergarten next year.  I will miss him, I'm sure.  But, really  he'll be more than ready by that time.
I'm really hoping my husband gets me a new camera so I can start taking pictures again and posting them.  My blog is getting more dull by the moment.
As for his Christmas gift, I need to get it done soon.  I'll try to blog about it later.
Happy last minute shopping to you all!

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