Wednesday, November 12

Young Women Activity

I wasn't able to go to Church because I had to stay home with Hyrum and Angela last Sunday.  The previous Sunday, however, I had the opportunity to teach the combined Young Women lesson on Being Dependable.  I have no skills in teaching -- and no experience in teaching teenagers.  But, what's important is that I was prepared, the spirit was there, and they seemed to get something out of it.  
Anyway, this past Sunday, I was planning on telling my beehives that I had to change their long-planned scavenger hunt at the last minute because I couldn't just pull things together as far as chaperone's, permission slips etc. since I just took over.
So when they came Tuesday night expecting to go to Walmart and have some real fun, they were pretty disappointed to find that we were going to stay in one room for our activity and I wouldn't tell them what it was until we got there and set up.
I felt a need to just get to know their names to start with.  So we played a bunch of simple, yet extremely  entertaining games with just us and a circle of chairs.  The majority of us were laughing to tears most of the evening.  The name game where you slap the empty chair to your right and call out someone's name before the person in the middle takes over the empty chair was a hoot and helped me to learn their names really  quickly.  After I knew their names at least, we played the blind-folded, pillow, animal sounds game; only I added the categories 'motor vehicles' and 'natural disaster's'.  At least half of the girls couldn't control themselves when the laughing bug got out with this one.

These are fun games to play if you have a large group and little by way of materials available.  I look forward to getting to know the girls better and just being able to be my silly self with them eventually.  That side of me is much better than the guarded, shy and serious side.

I really enjoyed my time and felt that they listened a bit better than my two and four-year-old do...but I'm sure it's only because they don't have to listen to my voice all day every day.  I'm blown away at how mature and well-rounded most of them are.  They remind me more of seventeen-year-olds.  Some great parenting going on around here, that's for sure.

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